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Chapter One
“They’ll come for me,” Idynn said. “My mothers will come for me. They will, they will, they will…”

She had been repeating that for countless hours. It was not a boast; there was no one around to hear it. Nor was it a prophecy; second sight was not one of her gifts. It wasn’t even a prayer. It was what she had to say to focus on something other than her pain; it was what she had to say to stave off despair. Her mothers would come for her.

Always supposing they could find her. That would be difficult; she had no idea where she was. No, that wasn’t quite true. She knew she was underground, but whether in a cave or dungeon she couldn’t tell. The only illumination was the single shaft of light that broke through the ceiling. It wasn’t much – only enough to see maybe a foot around her in any direction. She could only see three things. The filthy blanket on which she huddled. A human skull, long since reduced to the bare bone. And, worst of all her own left wing, ripped from her back. It was a grievous wound, as bad as losing a arm would have been for a human; had it not been for her fey healing talents, she’d have bled to death long ago.

She wasn’t sure whether avoiding that had been a good idea.

She was freezing. It was late fall outside, and the crack in the ceiling let in more cold than light. The orcs had taken her clothes as soon as they tossed her in here. When that began she had feared what would follow; but, to her surprise, no ravishment was forthcoming. That had been comforting for only a moment. If the orcs had raped her, it would mean at least that they saw her as something worth exploiting, something that might amuse them for a season – long enough for her rescue to come. But their hands and eyes were cold, detached, uninterested. Somehow that was more frightening than viciousness, hatred, lust. It was –

Think about something else, Idynn ordered herself.

“My mothers will come for me,” she whispered again. “They’ll come, they’ll come, they’ll come.”

“I certainly hope so,” a voice said. “I’ve put a lot of effort into baiting my hook.”

She jumped back. She began to run away, but before she could the voice spoke again.

“Ordinarily I would let you run,” it said. “I enjoy chasing my prey. But, sadly, I require both your continued survival but your active attention. So please understand this: unless you cease your fleeing, kneel now, and give me your undivided regard, I will make you wish I was going to eat you.”

She knelt in the middle of the shaft of light.

“That’s a good little faery,” the voice said. “Now, just to make you feel better, I’ll tell you that Artemis has already come for you–though with perhaps less success than you might have hoped. Where Morrigan and Inanna are, I do not know, but rest assured my orcs are preparing an affectionate welcome for them. Would you like to hear what has happened to the first of the oathbreakers while we wait for the others?”

The owner of the voice came into the light then. It was, of course, the dragon.

Idynn felt the world seeming to unravel, as if she had turned a leaf of her favorite story and the picture had stayed as flat and unmoving as a human book. She couldn’t tear her eyes away, knowing it must begin dancing soon. And here, everything was wrong too. This couldn’t be real. She reached hesitantly out in awe and disbelief expecting the vision to ripple and fade before her eyes. But the pain shot her back to vivid reality as she involuntarily tried to hover. The sharp stings on her left shoulder blade screamed this to be no illusion.

“You - you want to devour my whole family?” Idynn scrambled for horrible normalcy over insane alternatives.

“No, though that would be a delicious explanation.” The dragon’s tongue slicked deftly around its many teeth as he rolled his eyes in delight. He quickly recovered and continued more solemnly. “No, I have a rite to perform and personal pleasures must wait,” he said more to himself than her. Returning his gaze to her he extended his tongue again. It slid under her hair and around her neck. The tip swayed before her eyes like a tree on a warm summer’s night.

“You must hear the Truth again. Your understanding in this matter is crucial to keeping untold pain and abject suffering to a minimum.”

Idynn idly wonder how his speech could still be so good with his tongue protruding, but moreso she could feel the intensity of his words. She began, "I promise - "

“NoooooooOOOOOO!!!” roared the dragon as his eyes flared and he ripped her from the floor and shook her like a doll in the air. “Do Not Make Promises!” And he flung her into a heap in the corner. He shook and paced as though looking for his own escape. Finally he slowed and opened his eyes toward her. He shot forward and Idynn cringed in terror. Then she felt a rough warmth as the dragon curled his tail around her and again came face to face with her.

“Idynn, make no promises you cannot keep. The truth is all you or anyone needs. But you and your family have betrayed that. Your promises bind your decisions in spite of truth and breaking them binds you to even worse.” He blinked slowly and calmed himself. “But I am getting ahead of myself. There is still much you must know and remember. Do not take this narrative as a vanity or my ego. Neither a penance nor soul-searching. Your understanding crucial and if you fail to take this seriously, I shall have a good supper before all of this is over.”

Lying in bed Morty wondered about his big tit’s. He called them his “tits” because they were too big and full to be ordinary run of the mill man boobs. They were pretty good tits as man tits went. Sure they were hairy, but they were high and firm and beautifully pendulous.

“Lot of gals would kill for rack like I’ve got” Morty thought as the rain drizzled against his window pane, drops racing each other to the sill. Morty thought about wearing bras, but he was all man and the notion seemed vaguely effeminate, even if he could really fill one of those Wonder bras out better than most of the women that bought them.

Morty had never been on date, and he was pretty sure that opportunity would never come to pass. He would be mortified if anyone found out his beautiful secret. Most people just thought he was chunky because of the loose shirts he wore.

If he dated there would also be jealously Morty realized once his girlfriend saw that his breasts were prettier and more perfectly shaped than hers. Morty sighed in resignation and watched the rain.