Fire and Ice

Ok so here is a quiz that was used to work out differences between Canadians and Americans. It’ll place you in a quadrant at the end of the 30 questions.

Turns out I’m smack dab in the middle of the Idealism and Autonomy quadrant.

Go me!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

I’m in the bottom right-hand corner of the Idealism & Autonomy section, just about as far into it as you can go without falling off the chart.

Not a bad assessment, I suppose, but I also take a bit from the “Authenticity and Responsibility” section.

I was hoping they’d plot out the Canadian/US results from their study. I suppose that would kill the book sales.

Hmm. I’m a New Zealander, but I tried the survey out of curiosity. :slight_smile:

I end up more or less in the middle of the Idealism & Autonomy quadrant. Dunno if that means anything …

I’m very close to the zero point of the axis. I technically end up in the same quadrant as Grey.

I guess I’m just extremely middle of the road.


First off, I have to say that as questionnaires go, I had multiple problems with some of the questions. Some highlights:

“It is not really a problem for me that life is becoming more and more complex.” Is life becoming more complex?

“I like trying to take advantage of unforeseen circumstances and opportunities that present themselves.” Take advantage? Huh?

[Importance of…}“To be able to really communicate with people, sincerely and spontaneously.” Which? To communicate sincerely AND sponaneosly, or maybe just sincerely, or just spontanteously?

So, how does this relate to my being entrenched in the Authenticity and Responsibility quadrant? (Not that I would disagree with the quadrant I’m in, so much as I wonder how I got there via the questions. Guess I’m looking at this too intensely. I think I am in the appropriate quadrant after all…)

I’m almost at the bottom and a little to the left of the Idealism and Autonomy quad… anyone seeing a pattern here? :wink:

Let’s see here: I’m all the way in the lower right part of the idealism & autonomy quadrant (individuality/fulfillment). Interesting stuff, although as always, one wonders why the survey had to be so black-and-white about some issues.

Fundamental Motivations and Values[ul]
[li]Personal Control[/li][li]Rejection of Authority[/li][li]Global Consciousness[/li][li]Flexible Families[/ul][/li]
Key Characteristics[ul]
[li]Self-reliant and in control of their own destiny[/li][li]Idealistic and open-minded[/li][li]Rejecting out-dated norms and institutions[/li][/ul]

I wouldn’t say it’s inaccurate, I’d just say “Well duh, I already knew that. I said it was important that I know and understand myself, remember?”

Exclusion & Intensity

I guess. And I agree with yoyo3500

This survey at least spits out some stats (% population etc). Apparently I’m autonomous and post-materialistic. Not sure why I’m suppose to have Bart Simpson up as an icon though.

Have to agree though about some of the questions from the first quix. Especially "do you think there is too much immigration and it’s diluting our purity?” What the hell?

I was in the ‘Authenticity and Responsibility’ section.

Fundamental Motivations and Values

Social Responsibility
Everyday Ethics
Gender Parity
Spiritual Quest
Holistic Health
Key Characteristics

Strong sense of duty and responsibility to others
Care deeply about ethics and fair-mindedness
Take care of mind, body and spirituality in the face of daily challenges

Humm upper right on the Idealism & Autonomy.
On the second New Aquarian borderline Social Hedonist.

‘No Justice, No Peace - Pass the Joint’

Neat surveys you found there Grey.

Another for the bottom right-hand corner… though I always kind of question the validity of these things.

To be sure, I was a lot less ambivalent than usual about much of it. It has questions like “Blacks and others should not be allowed tio immigrate to our country. Agree/disagree/etc”. Wow.

Oh, and on that second survey, I’m in about the same place. Bottom right hand corner. But there’s more room for ambivalence here.

Far right and near the middle of Idealism and Autonomy. I always find the questions on these things to be a little bit odd.

I like that we were diagnosed as such-and-such. But chalk up another for I&A.

My big issue with these things is that you can’t really talk back to them. This is not a dialogue. Too cut-&-dried authoritarian.

(Oops, was that a bit of independence peeking out there? my bad …)

Another I&A (though I was sort of close to A&R).

Did anyone think this thread was going to be about George R. R. Martin?

Wow, there are some really poorly worded questions in this thing.

“Society should regard people who live together without being married as being a family.”

Uh… what? I’m married to my roommate? The entire population of my apartment is now related? Bubba isn’t just molesting me when I drop the soap, it’s now incest?