Fire Breathing Fists

Sound amazing. I want some right now please.

They’re the chief weapon of Vatican Assassin Warlocks.

I thought it was the title of a Bruce Lee movie.

If you have fire breathing fists, what happens when you use brass knuckles?

That’s the only way to put your hands underwater without getting water up your handfirenostrils.

I hate when that happens.

Silly rabbit. Warlocks are DPS casters. They don’t do melee combat. They may summon a demon for that sort of thing…but the demon might have firey fists, and/or other offensive capabilities involving fire, acid, shadow magic, etc.

How about a High Priest, then? 'Cause the claimant is apparently all three (high priest, assassin, AND warlock). Maybe “fire breathing fists” is just a code for “surprise.”

They give you a +5 bonus against earthworms.

Yeah, but -10 to getting your sitcom renewed. Coke and pornstars ain’t cheap…

Better yet. What happens when you go to wipe your ass? :o *

*That is the HOLY SHIT I JUST BURNED MY ASS smiley.

Charlie Sheen is making Mel Gibson look sane.

Yeah, I just saw something today that mentioned that Charlie Sheen may be bipolar. Ah, *now *everything makes sense. Here I was thinking he was crazy, when it turns out he may be crazy. No offense to you crazies out there.

Crazies are alright as long as you don’t stick your dick in one. Or two.

It’s not just women that can be crazy, you know. Trust me, I know, as I used to be a crazy-man magnet. I’m almost surprised that I never dated Charlie Sheen.

Much the same is true of fire breathing fists. (And in more than one sense!)

Once again, I must ask the same old question: What the hell are you guys talking about?

Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown. He trashed Chuck Lorre (writer / creator of sitcoms) in a tornado of awesome crazy. Drugs and/or Manic Depression is probably the culprit here.

YouTube link to the interview.

Thanks. I really should get out more.

Yeah, but he cured himself, with his brain.