Firearm transfer question.

What is required to purchase a modern muzzleloader pistol from an out-of-state individual for a California resident?
I believe no FFL is required, but I want to be sure.

Correct. You don’t need to have the gun shipped to an FFL.

From here:

Just what I wanted to hear. I’ve never even fired a muzzleloader. It’ll be fun.
Here’s the gun. It’s the Buckhunter Pro .50 cal. Pistol with Muzzlebrake.
Thanks BlakeTyner.

No problem.

I’ve never shot a muzzleloader, either, but I do have a nice (replica) 1851 Colt Navy cap and ball. My guess is, you’re in for a new addiction.


I’ve ordered blackpowder revolvers from Dixie Gun Works, and directly from Uberti USA. They were shipped to CA via UPS.