Firearms mod

In this thread, CRorex goes on to talk about the woes of playing Counter-Strike (Which I tried to respond too, but the SDMB screwed me over.) So I thought it was only fitting to have a thread about Firearms.

For those of you who don’t know, Firearms is a mod that uses the Half-Life gaming engine. I have played many different mods for Half-Life, but FA is by far my most favorite. And from what I’ve read about the up and comming version 2.6, its going to be even better.

My favorite combo is the AK-47 and Stielhandgranates. Altho the M16 takes a close second. Oh, and got to have some first aid skill. That has become a must for me. I usually stick with fully automatic weapons as I can’t snipe to save my life (which I lose alot.)

So are there any other FA fans out there? I’m sure there must be a few amongst the teeming millions out there:) Share your FA expirences.

We have a new mod named Firearms? Huh?

I was kind of hoping for a thread about those of us mod-types who have firearms, 'specially since I don’t get to get mine out very much anymore (The Downtown Rifle Club raised their prices, bastiges, and my priorities changed).

But we won’t hijack, I promise. We’ll maybe start another thread.

Carry on.

Isn’t there a modification (using the Half-Life gaming engine) that emphasizes non-violent resistance and peaceful activism?

Could be, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun :smiley: