Favorite FPS weapons?

I’ve been playing a lot of FPS games now that I have a computer that can run more of the modern ones.

Unreal Tournament: Flak Cannon, no doubt. The Enforcer is also surprisingly good, especially if you can pick up a second one. Honorable mention goes to the BioRifle, especially the alt-fire. It’s fun to charge up a big load and blow it on the next person you see.

Quake 3 Arena: Probably the Rocket Launcher. Most people favor the Railgun, but I’m just not too good at sniper weapons. Even when I use 'em, I can’t zoom in. The BFG10k is always nice if you can get it.

Half-Life: Haven’t gotten too far in this one (I’m several miles behind the cutting edge), but I remember seeing one of my buddies in tech school using Snarks to great advantage. They’re cute, vicious, and they sound as if they’re named after a 1970’s breakfast cereal. Three qualities I look for in a woman…er, weapon.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Haven’t gotten past that damn church near the beginning with its evil leather-clad Nazi bitches. But the Sten is moderately effective in taking said bitches down.

UT2004 : Minigun. I Love that gun!

Second fave: rocket launcher.
BTW one of my least favourite weapons is the flak cannon. Least are the shock and lightning guns.

In WW2 games, I like the Tommy gun. It’s light and mobile, got a good sized clip, and is surprisingly effective. Many others seem to like the BAR, but give me a Tommy any day.

There is nothing quite like the elegant simplicity of a blackjack to the back of the skull (Thief I & II).

Nothing beats the BFG 9000 from the original Doom, for the special effects, the sheer destructive potential, and the fuckin’ cool name! :cool:

The sniper rifle, of course. :slight_smile:

Yeah it does, The Redeemer

The name may not be as funny but the effects are fcuking cool!
MOAA - I like the Tommy Gun too. specially it’s authentic ‘ching’ when the mag is empty.

In quake 2 I liked the railgun

In Half-Life death matches, I love dropping a mess of Snarks on someone from above. Or on the level with the missle launch, hit the launch button, then run around toward the front entrance and throw some satchel charges in the crack where the blast door will eventually close. Wait for the enemy to come running for the safety of the shelter and set off the charges as he tries to run under the closing door.

Blood’s voodoo doll, hairspray cans, and flare pistols were a load of fun, and the sequel’s assault rifle with an under-the-barrel grenade launcher made for some interesting deathmatches. I made a character who was fast enough to run up to someone, launch the grenade right at them, and run away without getting hit.

But for all-time coolness, I’d have to pick the cleric’s final weapon from Hexen. Remember when the Nazis opened up the ark of the covenant? It was like that.

The powered-up hellstaff and firemace from Heretic were also fun.

From Jedi Knight, Jedi Oucast, and Jedi Academy, the lightsaber of course.

 That or the porkulator from Hexan, lets you turn your deathmatch opponents into pigs. Their screen display changes from whatever weapon they were carrying to a pig snout.

Great Fun!

Jedi Knight– Thermal detonators. I like the bouncy-bouncy mode – especially dropped down on someone in an enclosed space. The chance that they might have time to run is worth it for the chance to watch them panic. Hee.

Half Life – I love hiding trip-mines right around a corner, and luring a pursuer into them. Hee hee. Duke Nukem was even better with the remote control bombs.

Unreal – I love the Biogun from high ground, and the razor gun for shooting into hallways. Run away from that, fool!

Quake I – Shotgun, up close. Loved blowing people out of their boots.

Blood – Hairspray + Zippo, or flaregun. Seeing flaming people desperately run for water was great fun.

Previews Curse you! (Forgot about the voodoo dolls, though! Those were pretty neat.)

Been playing UT 2004 quite a bit lately. I love the Flak Cannon at close range, plenty of one-shot kills. I’ve been having great luck with the Link Gun, in alt-fire mode I can stick the beam to a guy well while strafing. Give me a Goliath tank, a guy to man the machine gun, and a Link Gun – I become GODLIKE in Onslaught mode. That is until I come across some camping prick with an AVRiL.

The Cannon from Serious Sam. Nothing beats firing off bullets that are bigger than you are.

Serious Sam also had the most satisfying minigun I’ve ever used.

Hmm… ther’s quite a few Unreal Tournament 2004 players here. I wonder if someone would start a SDMB server? I will if there’s interest.

Unreal Tournament 2004, original - The flak gun for groups of enemies, and the rocket launcher and sniper rifle for distance fighting. The rocket launcher is best on the hills in Onslaught. In 2004, I like the gun platforms, as long as I can see the incoming fire…

Quake II - In Deathmatch, the hyperblaster is king. The rocket launcher works well to bracket a distant opponent.

Half-Life - OK, I love to smash things with the crowbar.

I just got Return to Wolfenstein, and all I’ve managed so far is to get just past the radio room. I like the knife, gotta work on my attack techniques.

Who wants to meet online?

Hell yes. I thought about asking this myself.
Is there a way of passwording a server so that only we dopers can join the game?

My vote is for Onslaught.

Try it out.

I’ve opened a server called SDMB Game, password is “dope” (no quotes.)

I’ll keep it open for an hour or so…

One of the neat things about Halo (IMO) was the effort that went into making all of the weapons useful. The pistol was my favourite weapon in that game, for crying out loud: plentiful ammo, surprisingly good stopping power, better range than the assault rifle, and a sniper scope to boot.

'Course, I never got more than one or two chapters into that game, so I never saw, for example, the shotgun. YMMV.

Damn, I’ll be home in just over an hour. I am willing though.

The standard assault rifle from Command & Conquer Renegade.

No problem, I can wait.

My name online is Major_Disaster.

I’ll keep it on for a while and look for anyone to join. At least another hour or so…