What are the best Half Life 2 mods?

I finally got around to buying Half Life 2 - I just figured it wouldn’t run on my 5-year-old PC with its weak video card, but the game runs surprisingly well.

I heard that there are several cool mods out there that take advantage of the game’s amazing physics engine, but I don’t really follow PC game news and communities, and there are a bazillion results when I search on google.

So, what are the coolest, best, and most interesting user mods for the game out there?

Garry’s mod , by far.

There’s surprisingly little out there - lots of plans, but almost everything falls apart during the execution, with a beta or two if you’re lucky.

Currently Counter-Strike (if you can even consider it a mod now) is the all-time leader, and well, if you’re bought HL2 then it’s most likely you got CS:S along with it even if you have to download it for free with Steam.

Hidden is pretty good. A low-player server works best, as it’s a many-against-one setup. The twist is that the “one” is nigh-invisible and only uses a knife, while the others have guns (and extreme paranoia).

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox that lets you spawn any item in the game and play with the physics engine, including controls for wheels, thrusters, welding objects together, ropes, freezing ragdoll physics in place and AI characters. Definately look for this one, as you’d be surprised at how long you take to get that toilet catapult just right. How many civilians with crowbars does it take to kill a sandlion? How much of a thud does Breen make if you tie a balloon to his neck and shoot it while he’s 5000 feet up? It’s fun.