Firefox 3.5.5 Help [Need Answer Fast]

According to this and in addition to my previous experience, you can move tabs around using ctrl and the left or right arrow keys. This is not working in FF version 3.5.5 that I recently upgraded to for some reason.

How do I move my tabs left and right to organize them according to my every whim?

Dozens of lives hang in the balance, so need answer fast!

You can drag em around in the tab bar with your mouse.

That’s awesome!

Why didn’t the worthless Help Page tell me that?

It was the very first thing I thought of (never did it before, as order of tabs doesn’t concern me), and I use IE.

Requoted in case someone feels like being helpful if there is an actual reason why the Help page doesn’t detail the dragging ability.

Lives still may hang in the balance people!

That’s a pretty logical place for them to cover it! Bastards. :smack: