Firefox 3.6

I am using Firefox 3.6. I use My.Yahoo as my page of preference. But, when I click on a link to read, Firefox doesn’t return to that place on my page of preference when I am finished reading. It always goes to the top of How can I change it to remember where I was when I clicked on the link?

If you hit the back button in firefox, it should return to exactly the same position you left it at.

Edit: just double checked, I clicked on a link, and then hit the browser back button, it returns to exactly the same position on that I was at before clicking on the link. Not sure how you’re doing this differently.

Hmmm… when I open a link that has a hand on it before opening, it comes back to where I started, but when I open a link that has a (+ in a circle), then it always comes back to the beginning of the page. I just don’t understand why the + in a circle makes the difference.

OK, I now have a kind of fix for the problem. I just right click on the link and then click on Open in a new tab. Then it comes back to the right place when I click on the red X on the tab. Not exactly what I want, but it works fine.

To open in a new tab, you should not need to right-click and select, just middle-click (i.e., click down with the mouse wheel). I use this method together with the Back to close" extension, which allows me to close the new tab and go back to where I was with a simple click of the mouse’s side button, programmed to sent Alt-left-arrow. (I know not all mice have side buttons, but most have a clickable ‘middle-button’ wheel now.)

I think part of the problem with the Yahoo home page, though, may be that it automatically refreshes itself every so often. When that happens it is probably going to go back to the top of the page whatever you do.

Thanks njtt. That works for me too. :smiley: