Firefox not closing quickly. Plug-in Container seems to blame. Anything to worry about?

I run CCleaner after closing Firefox. It often tells me Firefox is still running and can’t clean. A min or two later I can run CCleaner.

I can count on Firefox hanging at least once a week. After 5 mins I give the three finger salute. Task Manager reveals that it is a plug-in container that’s screwing things up. Kill that container and Firefox stops.

I’ve learned the hard way never to keep Firefox open more than a few hours. If its kept open a day or two then all my memory is eaten up. My system gets really slow. It always hangs when I try to close and requires killing in task manager. Firefox hates being left open very long.

I’m not sure if this is normal? Could a virus be lurking in that plug in container that keeps hanging things up?

Some things hang Ccleaner after closing FF.

I have noticed it mainly with Facebook, even with spybot, ABP, Noscript and Ghostery killing most of the trackers, Ccleaner will hang there mocking my impatience after looking at facebook for 2 min.

I’d like to know what’s up with it too. :dubious:

I also hate not being able to watch a vid because im blocking trackers and don’t know which one to allow the stupid flashplayer to work.:rolleyes:

(So i have to turn it all off and wait for the page to reload with all the freaking ads and blinking crap…Im looking at you Killsometime.):mad:

Which version of Firefox is this?

I’m running 14.0.1

I found this on plug in container. The memory issue mainly comes up (for me) if I leave Firefox open a day or two.

What they’ve done is substitute a Firefox crash for a plug-in-container.exe crash. That’s the process I’ve often had to kill manually. I wait 10 mins after closing firefox. If its still eating up my machine then I kill the container.

This page is a little old, but it suggests disabling crash protection (and explains how to do so).

No, both of these are extremely outdated. Furthermore, disabling plugin-container will not solve your issue. It’s a common incompatibility with the current version of Flash and Firefox. Read here for how to fix it.

Note, you will be disabling a security feature, so you will likely want to enable it back once the bug is fixed. When I find out it is fixed, I will be sure to let the Dope know.