Firefox Q: how to export open tab’s URLs?

I have about fifty open tabs, each the product of a search result (I did a keyword search on several sites, opened each result in a new tab, then culled the ninety or so results down to these). This is all well and good for my own use, but I want to share the parceled down list with my partner–hence the question.

While I can select each tab and copy the URL and paste it into a document, that wastes precious nanoseconds. I know I can bring up a list via history, but that won’t tell me what’s open right now. Is there a way I’m not aware of? An add-on?


If you go into Tools > Options, and say use Current Pages as your home page, the URL field will be filled in with a list of all the URLs for all the tabs you have open, separated by ‘|’.

Wow, that’s fantastic!!!

All I had to do was C&P that into Word, replace each | with ^p, and that’s it!
(three minutes to an answer… ILTD!)