firefox stopped playing videos on break dot com

Any idea why firefox would suddenly no longer play videos from break dot com? I can play videos from youtube and other sites, but the ones on break dot com don’t seem to want to play. I hadn’t knowingly changed anything in firefox and they used to work. I can play them fine from ie.

Id start by updating your version of flash on firefox. The installer for ie is different so its very possible you have an old version of flash on ff but a new one on ie.

Firefox supports various plugins. Id disable them all, especially adblock. Not to mention some basic stuff like deleting all cookies and cache.

It sounds like the various video sites are fighting against AdBlock Plus by making the videos look like ads to get you to turn AdBlock Plus off. Don’t panic! You can find out the format of the video and add an “exception” to AdBlock Plus and still block the ads while watching the videos.

I just checked Break and the videos still worked for me. But I ran across this with the videos on the Onion.

No-Script is the one that was blocking Break videos for me (had to allow Allowing in Adblock Plus had no effect.