Firefox stopped playing videos

I noticed yesterday that Firefox suddenly stopped playing videos. IE is still working fine, so I don’t think it’s my computer per se. If I go to youtube, for example, the sound will play but the video just stays black. Netflix plays just fine, but nothing else seems to work. How do I fix it?

There’s a new version of the flash player.

Woo first!

Try redownloading the Flash player and reinstalling it.

No luck.

Wait a couple of days until Flash fixes it. I remember this happened a lot a while back. New version didn’t work, then there was a string of new updates over a very short time.

So who else is tired of Flash and constantly updating?

I like flash in general but they need to do a better job with updates.

Me. About 10 to 15% of the videos don’t play.

See this.

I had the problem, and it happened so often, and I would fix it with the above steps, then mysteriously break. Now I just watch all video on Chrome. I just wish chrome would fix their https bs.

Clear your cache.

My rule is to not update Flash when they first changed big version numbers. They’ve just went from 10.1 to 10.2.

If I do upgrade, I make sure I still have the old installer so I can uninstall the new version and resinstall the old version.

I also believe that the IE version of Flash 10.2 works better. On my dad’s old computer, I have him using IE for any flash games, as it’s almost as fast on that P3 as the Firefox plugin is on my Sempron 3100+.