Firewall question

Okay, I just spent about 45 minutes doing searches for the answer here on the SDMB. I cannot find it. I KNOW its here.

Does anybody know of a website that masks what site you go to?

Much appreciated.

Is what you’re looking for?

Enos, both Pipeliner and Enwright3 have been my personal heroes. You’re the tops.

However, that one costs money. Know any free ones?

I’ve just now come across it, but [link deleted] is supposed to provide similar services for free. It looks like you have to suffer through an advertisement across the top of your browser, though. Try it and see how it works for you.

[Edited by Chronos on 12-14-2000 at 10:04 PM]

Nevermind. That was an ad across the top of the Straight Dope homepage that I was viewing using safeweb. D-oh!

Safeweb seems to put a toolbar across the top of your browser.

As you might imagine, the administration of the SDMB has good reasons for wanting information of this sort to not be too easily available. Therefore, I’m closing this thread.