The SDMB is switching to HTTPS

We expect to switch the SDMB to secure (=encrypted) data transmission later today (Thurs 12/7). This is in keeping with an industry trend; the Chicago Sun-Times, owned by our parent company, already does this. If all goes well the only noticeable change will be that SDMB URLs will start with HTTPS rather than HTTP. However, there is a small chance of problems, e.g., nonsecure content may not be visible. Our understanding is that the bulletin board software version we’re currently using is immune to such problems. That said, if you notice anything unusual, please post about it in this thread. Thanks.


Long overdue but very welcome.

Great to hear. Thanks.

Cool!!! Good move!!!

Was this supposed to happen yesterday? When I enter I get a message that it’s not https

Same here. Also, for that matter, the home page.

I type in and get:

Whoa! Looks like it just started now. I was redirected to https on the last link I clicked. Good work!

Started working. Crashed, lost my saved password, but it’s fine now.

Well maybe not. It appears to have been removed now.
Also, clicking on the colored Straight Dope banner now doesn’t link to the Dope, it loops to the forum.

This is like taking the new car out for a drive…while it is still being assembled.

I don’t think that’s related to switching to https. Also, if you use the old Dope skin v3.7.3, the banner does take you to the Straight Dope main page. If you’re using the new skin, there’s a link to the main page on the bottom (actually the link is in both skins).

Hitting the refresh directs me to the non-existent “https” page.

Selecting “General Questions” in the Forum Jump drop down list sometimes goes to here: https://sdmb/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=3

Invalid page.

It’s not redirecting me now but worked when I entered it manually. Looks like we’re in for a ride.

I had that happen mid-editing. Hit “Preview” and get “Invalid page”.

And now I see that non-encrypted seems to be the default. (And what the “Preview” button links to at this moment.)

I keep getting a “too many redirects” error now.

You’re new here, aren’t you

Seems to drop out of https:// occasionally, especially if I go to “new posts”.

When that happens, it seems to strip off “” and tries to find “sdmb” in the DNS database.

ETA: Happened when I hit post there.

Something is not working
I’m getting “not secure” instead of httpS/

the details, if they are of interest:

  1. I opened my chrome browser…it goes to my default page.
  2. I typed “” in the browser.
  3. the Sdope opens on the main page,but the line were I typed “” changes, by adding an icon before the “www…” The icon is the letter i in a circle.
    A mouseover on the icon displays “view site information”, and a click on the icon displays “your connection to this site is not secure…”
  4. when I log in and reply to this thread, the address line of the browser includes both the icon and the words “not secure”, followed by"…"
    And I’m curious…how important is https security for this messageboard?
    This isn’t a banking site.
    Nobody here would accidently type their account info or social security number into a post anyway.