First American casualties in Iraq,

12 Americans and 4 Brits die in a helicopter crash.
Thanks Duhbya.

My bad…got the casualties backwards.

You mean Thanks Sadam.

No one can claim that, it was an accident. :frowning:

But I do have to say that I will be glad once Saddam is out of the picture, but the way how Bush got us here and how (I suspect) he is going to deal with the international community once this is over, that makes me think we need also a government change in the US in the next elections.

“There were no indications the helicopter crashed due to hostile fire, according to the Pentagon”

You meant to say “thanks Mother Nature,” in your OP, didn’t you? This accident could have happened at any time.

The Royal Marines spokesman has confirmed that it was 8 Royal Marines and 4 US aircrew.

Maybe I’m being a little touchy given the news (okay, almost certainly I’m being touchy, and I’m sure no disrespect was meant), but why is this titled “First American casualties in Iraq”? Doesn’t anyone else count?

And why the hell is this in in the Pit? This isn’t exactly the best place to honor the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters.

The CH-46 is my age. I am 36. I was afraid to fly in them 14 years ago, because they were too old.


Because the OP thought that news of the deaths of 16 brave soldiers was an appropriate vehicle on which deliver his or her anti-Bush bullshit rhetoric to us all. If you’re going to post flame-bait, might as well do it in the pit.

  • my bolding.
    No, not touchy. Or, at least, about as “touchy” as me pointing out that I don’t want to be thanked for what UK soldiers are doing, especially if they are referred to as “English” soldiers.

Perhaps we should put it down to … cultural differences

Condolences to UK dopers.


Unfortunately, helicopters are dangerous. They’re a reasonable danger, but they are still more dangerous than other aircraft. I don’t know about the British, but since the start of this year more troops have been killed in training using helicopters than were killed yesterday in that CH-46. Not to denegrate any of those people, but it’s that type of knee-jerk anger that annoys me.

I salute my fallen brothers.

Semper Fi