First Blood Special Edition DVD is pretty awsome.

I know most of you don’t care anymore about this movie, but I feel the need to sing a little praise for the new special edition DVD that was released. Compared to the first ghetto release of this movie this thing is golden. There is a very good 30min doc on teh making of the movie with interviews of Sly and the other important players. (I had no idea Kirk Douglas was supposed to play Trautman).

It is a double sided disk with widescreen on one side and pan ans scam on the other. The video is REALLY cleaned up. This looks better than I have ever seen it. Very good transfer. You also have your choice of DTS, DD5.1, DD 2.0 and another one I cant remember for the audio.

All in all a great DVD. I think the 30 min doc is worth the price of admission. For anyone who was/is a fan of this movie this is a must own DVD.

Who the hell knew KD was supposed to play Trautman? And Rambo was supposed to die at the end? News to me.

First Blood was very well made and was in a totally different class than the Rambo movies to follow. Sure, it was an action film, but it was also about how America treated the returning Viet Nam soldiers.

Kirk Douglas mentions being offered the Trautman role in his autobio The Ragmen’s Son. He said he turned it down because he thought the ending of the movie (in which Rambo doesn’t die) didn’t make sense.