First Concert

So, I’m going to my first rock concert in a few weeks. The band is Godsmack. The venue is the Santa Barbara Bowl. Basically, what should I expect/do/not do/wear/whatever else? I’m 19, will be going with a couple of my friends, both of whom have gone to numerous concerts (hell, as I type this, they’re in L.A. for a Staind show), if that’s of any importance. What’s everyone’s take on altered mind states for the show? This is sort of a warm-up for this summer, when we’re going to see Metallica (and some other bands) at the L.A. Coliseum, so if you have anything to say about that little excursion, fire away. One last question: volume. Any idea of how loud it’ll be? I have seen bands play, but always in relatively small areas/clubs, so I’m aware of the general idea of turning it up, but I’m guessing a major band at a decent-sized venue is gonna be a little different. I also realize that describing volume over the web isn’t the easiest thing to do, but just a general range would be appreciated. Closer to my parent’s telling me to turn down the stereo because they can hear it in the driveway, or my buddies Marylin Manson (the loudest he’s been to) concert where, if he picked up his feet, he couldn’t hold them still from the noise impact?

Well, I’m not sure what you want to know. I’m not exactly an expert, but I assume this is a stadium. Basically, you arrive, you stand in line, you get frisked. Don’t wear spiked/studded jewelry/belts or chains if you dig that kind of thing. Be prepared to hide a camera if you want to sneak it in. I assume Godsmack will have a mosh pit. Probably there will be seating around the sides if you’re too wussy for the pit :slight_smile: and an area in front of the stage to do your thing. If you go in the pit, remember to not get dehydrated or overheated, stay alert, and respect people around you. Stay out of the way of the security guards. Don’t go crowdsurfing if you value your clothes or your shoes. Um. If you wear the t-shirt of the band you’re seeing to the show, you are officially Uncool. You’re also not supposed to listen to the band when you’re driving there. That means you aren’t hip at all. Just so you know. :smiley:

Altered mindstates? I think they’re stupid. You’re there to listen to the music, to dance, to appreciate a bunch of people playing for you, not to get high. But hey, it’s your business.

Volume… it depends. You’re not going to go deaf going to one concert. I’ve been to concerts where I feel sick to my stomach from the vibrations from the floor. :frowning: But that’s mostly at small venues; obviously, if you’re at a huge stadium, you’re further from the sound. I can’t really help much there, I know.

At any rate, have fun! A live band is one of the best things in this world. I’m still trying to convince myself that I really, honestly, truly do need to go to Warped this year.

It’ll probably be rather loud, but unless it’s KISS I wouldn’t worry about hearing loss.

As far as “altered mind states”, I’d just stick to whaterver you’re used to and not try anything new. Concerts are the only setting where I smoke pot outside my home, and it’s a nice little enhancement as long as you know what to expect. I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk if you want to remember anything.