first digital re-creation of a deceased actor?

I ran across this story on CNN. Apparently a “digital re-creation” of actress Nancy Marchand is present in an upcoming episode of the Sopranos…

I wonder if this is something akin to the John Wayne and Fred Astaire commercials (old clips in new settings), of if they’re actually creating new content using computer models of her…
“While the shows received positive feedback from the crowd, some snickers were reportedly heard when a digital recreation of Nancy Marchand appeared on screen. Marchand, who plays the mother of tormented mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), died last year before filming could begin.”

Ooh. That sounds weird. And creepy. I am all curiosity now, I want to see this “digital recreation”!

Too eerie.

In the movie The Crow, producers had to super-impose digital images of
Brandon Lee after he was killed on the set.

Shoulda mentioned: in the above link, go to the trivia section.

Soon we’ll be giving our own “re-created” eulogies.

And a niggling point, zuma. Ms. Marchand was an actress.