First hints about new Survivor season.


Do you think they deliberately chose a picture of Jeff Probst that made him look old and haggard?

My Spanish isn’t what it used to be (and it was never much to begin with), but I recognize the names of those tribes. “Flower” and “Sword.” Seriously?

$5 says there’s a shuffling within 5 episodes.

How is that show doing? Has it been able to hold up over the years? It’s one of those shows that I don’t think about until I see something like this thread, because it is not my cup of tea.

Hippies vs. Marines!

And I meant to add: My Wife is a big fan, so I figure that I should learn a bit about the show.

It’s certainly popular hereabouts – popular enough to support a thread a week, rather than a thread for the whole season, anyway.

Not noted in that story but released earlier is that one of the contestants is a celebrity:

Jimmy Johnson

He certainly brings a bit of drive and emotion to Team Flowers.
Yeah that doesn’t sound right to me :slight_smile:

That is still just a rumor at this point and it doesn’t even sound like a very believable rumor. He/she would be dumped at the first TC… probably without a vote.

For anyone who doesn’t know who that is,[spoiler]he’s one of the most successful football coaches of all time. The only head coach to ever win the National Championship at the top college level and a Superbowl in the NFL with a team he built.

He actually led the Dallas Cowboys to two Superbowl wins in the early 90s before retiring. The talent he left there was good enough to win a third Superbowl two years later under Barry Switzer, who is the only other coach to win it all in both college and the pros. The difference is that Johnson took over the Cowboys when they sucked and turned them into a dynasty. Switzer inherited a great team and just let it ride.[/spoiler]

First Immunity Competition: Oldies try to those chase damn kids off the lawn; younguns must try to stay on the lawn as long as possible.

This. Johnson’s worth millions. They would kick his ass to the curb in a heartbeat. He’s too well-known to be a contestant.

And now he does commercials for Extenze

Didn’t they already do a young vs. old season before? I remember some lady being mad about being on the “old” team.

I seem to remember there being four tribes that season: Young Men, Young Women, Old Men, Old Women.