First Human Clone

Kindly follow this link,,0005.htm
There is this para towards the end,

The Raelians, who claim 55,000 followers worldwide, believe that life on Earth was established by extra-terrestrials who arrived in flying saucers 25,000 years ago, and that humans themselves were created by cloning.

Whatever are these Raelians? And Aliens?!!

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OMG!!! FIRST HUMAN CLONED TODAY!!! READ!! search and it should be on the front page. I dont believe.

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The homepage of the Raelian movement seems to be down right now; I don’t know if it’s a permanent condition or not–possibly their servers are simply being overloaded from all the extra attention they’re no doubt getting. Here is a web page on the movement from the Religious Movements Homepage at the University of Virginia.

So the first baby girl’ named Eve, whats next Adam?
These Raelian’s (whoever/whatever) need a life. (pun intended)

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A direct link to the CNN article is here.

Note that this has yet to be confirmed by any outside agency. Presumably someone could verify it by taking a DNA sample from both the baby and donor and comparing them. I’d wait for independent verification before jumping to any conclusions though… After all, the Raelian movement consists of people who think humanity was created through cloning by a group of aliens some few thousand years ago, so I have an automatic suspicion of the validity of any other scientific announcements they may make.

Just fyi: not quite a simulpost. twelfthsign’s link relates to the Raelians, the one I posted is to an article on the cloning claim.