First names you hate.

No offense to anyone here who might have one of the following names:

Mikaela, Mikayla, or any spelling of this name

…But I just hate those names.


Ditto on the “no offense intended,” but I always cringe when I hear parents name their children something really cutesy and juvenile. I always wonder about those children who will someday be “Granny Tiffany” or “Madame Chairwoman, Jaydn Doe.” (But then, who knows? Maybe those names will be the Addies, Gertrudes, and Beulahs of that generation – hopelessly “dated” and elderly.)

Personally, I was very careful in naming my children, and especially my daughters: I really did consider whether their monograms would be terribly odd, and whether my girls’ names sounded more “presidential” than “stripper-ish.” (For those who haven’t heard of the second example, I mentally tested which sounded more apt: “President Your Baby’s Name Here,” or “The Kit Kat Club is proud to present the pulchritudinous Your Baby’s Name Here.”)

Moxie Crimefighter for one.

I also hate those old names (no offense) like Agnes and Arthur. I don’t like how the name Bob comes out of my mouth either, but it doesn’t bother me to see it written.

I have less problem with unusual names, as long as they aren’t too bizarre. (see above). Last strange names I encountered working in public school were Mr. C, spelled just that way, and Entropia.

But what do I know? I was going to name my baby Phoenix Angel. Good thing I had a girl instead. :slight_smile:

Any variation of the name “Ashley”.

Names I have actually encountered personally, not second-hand reports:

  1. Philistine.
  2. Philistine’s son, Eunuch.

I have never met a woman named Wanda whom I liked.

I am willing to admit that there might be such a woman. Wanda Sykes is a hoot, but I haven’t ever met her.

Now THAT’s a guy you’d trust with your daughter, eh?

I have never met a girl or woman named Wendy who wasn’t mean or negative in some way. The name isn’t that bad, it’s the association with eviltude.

I’m really picky about names. I don’t like super-generic names like Sharon and Kim, but I also don’t like those really cute names like Mikaila, Hailey etc. My own name, Esther, peaked in popularity around 1900, and it doesn’t seem to be making a comeback any time soon.
I like really timeless names like Catherine, Audrey and Elizabeth. Those are strong names that command respect.



Sarah. Name of one of the women my ex cheated on me with. There were others, but Sarah was a real fucking bitch about the whole thing.

Kirsten but pronounced Keer-sten. If it’s spelled Kirsten, I’m pronouncing Cur-sten, end of story.

Missy. Don’t know why, I just can’t stand it.

I used to dislike names with obvious foreign-language origins when bestowed upon someone of obviously different origins (Michelle and Natasha are two popular ones), but it doesn’t bother me anymore. We’re all humans, right?

No offense to anyone with these names, but Gertrude and Prudence. If it’s somebody who was born fifty or more years ago, I can deal, but it’s just cruel to name a kid that nowadays. I actually like the name Rufus, but once again, naming your kid that today is just mean.

“Oh, Ruuuufieeee!”
Grumble Coming mom.” Dammit, why did she have to name me that?

But something tells me those names will be back in style fifty or so years from now.

I detest the name Tammy, mainly because I have known too many unpleasant girls named Tammy.

Kayla. I hate hate hate hate hate it. And not just because I’m constantly addressed by it.

Well, not entirely, anyway.

Well, now. I do believe that Miss Flutterby and I are going to have to get medieval on your heinie.

As for me, I have a strange distaste for the name Linda. I have no rational reason for it. I have known many wonderful and lovable Lindas. But the name just sets my teeth on edge. Linda. Ew.

I like pretty much all names, including a number of the names in this thread.

Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t have good feelings about Prudence. But that’s just because I feel like the parents are trying to push push push their child in a particular direction. I’ve heard of the name Chastity, too, and that just freaks me out.

Hmmm, so does this mean you’ve met my ex’s new wife – the “good Christian schoolteacher” who forced a divorce, since she didn’t want the baby born out of wedlock? Or the crazy homeless Bulgarian chica I took pity on last year – the one who couldn’t bring herself to eat the foods or use the toothpaste brand that I provided for my own family? I need to give some more thought to the “Tammy = unpleasant” phenomenon, 'cause I thought it was just my imagination! :smiley:

Well, just to be different, I don’t care if I offend anyone or not. :slight_smile:

I hate the recent trend of naming kids after places. The only two I can think of off the top of my head are Austin and Dakota. Everytime I hear one, I think (in my best Chandler voice) “Wow, could you sound more pretentious?”

Ashley, Nicholas, Courtney, Blake, Kennedy, Madison, McKenna.