Names you absolutely HATE

There are some names that just send a chill down my spine, and have horrid mental images racing through my mind. No offense to the people with these names.

Olga–I imagine a large, warty, Norsewoman

Agatha–An evil old lady

Agnes–Can’t pronounce it


Any name for a girl that ends with an i that leads you to think they will dot it with a heart.


Those preppy names like Muffy and Biff. Yesh.

Karla. 'Nuff said.

I can’t stand the names Britney Spears or J. Lo’ (Jennifer Lopez’s “hip” nickname).

(Incidently, I know a guy named Bif… spelled with only one “F”. And, yes, he completely fits his name.)

Diane. For no good reason.

Duane and Wayne. They sound like the dull ringing a shovel makes when you smack the back of it against a big rock, sort of like a WANG!

Graham (is it Graemme in the UK?) Sounds awfully pretentious.

I’ve got tons, but I’ve surely offended lots of people here already.

I also hate Butch. If ANYONE named/s their kid Butch, I’d have to smack them.

my first simul-post


Carry on.

My father’s name is Graeme. People always spell it wrong, he’s constantly telling people he’s “an eme, not a ham”. Funny thing is, statistically Graham is less popular than Graeme in the state we live in.

I can’t say I really like any of my aunts and uncles names, or my parents names, but they were trendy/fashionable at the time of their births, or they were named for relatives. It’s hard to pass unbiased judgement on names that have dated, like the ones in the OP - Agatha and Agnes are both examples of names that have passed out of fashion, and now sound unattractive to us. We should keep in mind that there are still people out there called Agatha, Agnes, Candi and so forth, and try not to insult them too much.

So, anyone named Chase, please avert your eyes…

I do not like this name. What is so special about this word that you would want it associated with a person? It seems to be getting quite popular, and I’ve encountered it a lot lately. Chase. As in, try to catch. Nope, don’t get it at all, I’m afraid. It’s not the sound of the word I have a problem with, it’s just the meaning.

I’m very opinionated about names, and there are a LOT of names that I really dislike, but I think it’s probably best to keep the language neutral on this topic. I hope I haven’t hurt any feelings with this post.

Ohh, I know one girl who would strangle you if she heard you didn’t like the name Chase. She loves it to death.


I worked at a position where I had to process tens of millions of schoolkids’ names. My job was tedious, so along with growing to hate the supervisor, my wrath also turned to some of the names.

Grouch #1: my (once somewhat original) name is becoming very very popular. Eighty percent of the population is now named Amanda. I hear it shouted at people all the time.
This is a very personal grouch, and I don’t expect much sympathy, but man does it feel good to get it out.
At least call her Mandi so she can dot herself with a heart and leave me out of it.

Grouch #2: (here’s where i tick off everyone else) All those “original” spellings. Kandyce. Anthoney. Jewelia. Aimee. Cayte.

Grouch #3: not enough people name their children Opal. :slight_smile: hi!


I second that sentiment. I was just talking to somone whose daughter was named, “Jaimey”, then he qualified it by saying it was not his idea but his ex-wife’s.

I also used to work with somone who named their son “Paddiey”. I never quite understood that one.

I qualify all this by saying that this is just a personal thing with me. You can name you kid whatever you want. I don’t really care… but I’m still going to give you crap about it if its wierd…

"Hey, I’ll name my kid “Kevin”, but it will be spelled “Qebbenn” and pronounced “Keveen”.

Now, that’s comedy. Good one MPC. :slight_smile:

Names I Hate
George (Especially for a girl.)
Fred (Just keep saying it… Fred… Fred… Fred… it’s lost all meaning.)

My advice: don’t name your kid Mark. Nothing against the name itself, but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with Marks. In fact, the only time I’ve ever been bitten by another person was by Mark, the kid next door. His parents were going to name him Peter, but we already had a dog named Peter, so they named him Mark instead (what, to avoid confusion?). I’ve not had good luck with the Davids that I’ve met, either, but I digress.

I also used to work with somone who named their son “Paddiey”. I never quite understood that one.


Oh, that’s easy, it’s part of the ongoing work to dispell the myth that all Irish are…oh, hang on…

Oh i would say the names i hate the most would be…

#1. Heather (well at least one that work in wal-mart who decided it would be a good idea to sleep with my ex and freaking Valentines Day!)

#2. Rachael (well not all of them just the one who tried to nab my S.O. during our bad times!)

#3. Michelle (well At least one just because of all the pain and shit she caused for My S.O when they were together…hell even when they werent)

#4. Mary (Most definately…those quiet, innocent looking bitches, who pose to be your friend and hits on you S.O)

#5 Kim (just because of the one who I say hit on my S.O even though he was too blind at the time to see it!)

humm is it me or am I seeing a trend here…anyhow I think that is all of the girl names for now at least

For the Guys I think the only name I would definately have to go with is
#1. Josh (Just because from the ones I know they are liers and cheater who cause great known and un-known pain on most peoples lives)

I second the motion that I can’t stand the name “Britney”. To me, Britney signifies a snobby, preppy, materialistic girl starting from when I was a wee little-one watching Alvin and the Chipmunks (you know, Britney, the stuck-up Chipette) to now, watching Britney Spears splurge her money and pretend that she’s a good girl. Britney is everything that was BAD about the 1980s.

I no doubt offended someone right about…now.

Just hate Sara… not Sarah… just Sara…

Dick - how could any parents do such a horrible thing to their child? What, have they been living on Mars for their entire lives???

Britney - makes me think someone’s too stupid to know how to spell “Brittany” correctly

Heather - reminds me of an old dusty piece of Fruit Roll-Ups

Clem - sounds like someone’s about to spit

My own name has already been listed in this thread and yes, I HATE IT TOO!!!

This from someone who calls himself honkytonkwillie! feh