First Official News about the PS5

Key points:

Not releasing in 2019

Will still use physical media

Backwards compatible with PS4

Will use solid state hard drives in some fashion; load times for Spider-Man are 19x faster on a PS5 devkit compared to a PS4

Backwards compatible!

Will it play my PS2 and PS3 games?

Not particularly surprising…the reason there was no BC on the PS4 was the MAJOR redesign of the hardware from the PS3.

The only real way to achieve it would have been to include an entire PS3 in each PS4 (which is how the PS3 launched with PS & PS2 BC.) So, I doubt it will be PS3 BC.

I wouldn’t even need to BE this excited if stupid Bioware wasn’t such a dumpster fire and would just remaster and release the Mass Effect Trilogy (hell throw Andromeda in there too) for the 4.

Maybe they finally will since they need some good PR…