First or Second Darrin?

Did anyone actually like the second Darrin on Bewitched better than the first.

[ul][li]Dick York = First Darrin[/li][li]Dick Sargent = Second Darrin[/ul][/li]
How about the two Mrs Kravitzes. I liked the second better. The first one won an emmy though.

I kinda liked Sargent better thant York. All I could think of was “How’s a doof like Darrin [York] marry a hot babe like Sam?”

I think I like Sargent better. Isn’t he the one who was/is gay?

The one who did not have the annoying voice.


First Darrin: better at physical “takes”

First Mrs. Kravitz: ditto

Dick Sargent was gay.

I liked Dick York better. The second Darrin looked like a ferret to me. But they both deserved to be turned into something crawly. They never stopped bitching at poor Samantha! Either Mrs. Kravitz. Both were pretty funny.

I actually wasn’t wild about either Darrin–but Alice Pearce (Gladys Kravitz #1) ran rings around Sandra Gould (#2)!

And no one could top the great Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne)!

I agree Aunt Clara rocks and that Samantha could’ve done better in the looks department with either Darrin.

Dick Sargent was gay, So was Uncle Arthur, and Endorra. And Erin Murphy who played Tabitha her sister (with who she alternated the role of Tabitha when they were younger - not speaking yet) was also gay.

Something in the water eh?

The second Mrs. Kravitz had a better voice

Mark–Samantha’s dad (Maurice Evans) was also gay, and there are rumors about Abner Kravitz (George Tobias)–no WONDER her nose twitched, she had gaydar!