First question

Hello everyone, a simple question, for my first – I hope. I have never used forums or threads or any of this stuff before. I had posted a question earlier to Cecil, so I will wait to see if it is chosen to be one he answers.
My question, which I hope will be answered by a few of you is this:

The Canadian singer k.d. Lang (yes she has her first two initials listed as not capitalized) other than being a terrific chanteuse obviously has a first and middle name to go with Lang. Do you know what they are? I already know the answer, but I want to see how this forum thing works, then the tough questions start.


Kathryn Dawn

Also, welcome to the boards. Just some helpful hints. This board works about as well as anything in existence. If people here can’t answer it, it generally can’t be answered. However, it is considered bad form to ask questions that you already know the answer to. This isn’t a quiz board (at least in the GQ forum. we have quizzes in other forums like MPSIMS.) It is also helpful to use descriptive thread titles to get a more accurate response.

Kathryn Dawn.

Just a bit of an FYI: although mundane trivia is not necessarily “frowned upon” here, this forum typically addresses issues of a bit more esoteric nature. “Testing” the forum members by asking questions to which one already knows the answers seems to me a bit of a waste of time.

. . . And upon preview, I see Shagnasty has addressed my point. Ah well, welcome to the boards, fubsy. Look around a little.

Hello Shagnasty:

Thank you for both your correct reply and the pointers. I will strive to remember proper protocol.


Welcome onboard . I too am relativley new and manage to step on my own private parts on a regular basis. I have found the dopers to be a very forgiving crowd. (Ecxept fot that whole pit thing, it can get nasty in there.)

Since this one has been answered, let’s close it to prevent mindless posts.

fubsy. Welcome aboard. Pretty smart people here. Watch yourself.

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