First review of (limited) viewing of The Two Towers is in

It’s brief, with no spoilers, so it’s safe.

Fox review

Short version: Two thumbs way up. Wish I could have seen it!

God, I’m so stupidly excited for this movie. I’m planning on going to the first showing (it’ll be midnight, right?) and waiting in line. I draw the line at costumes, however. :wink:

That’s not a real review, it’s just some promo footage they’re talking about.

Not that I’m expecting the movie to not recieve raves. Since it’s effectively a fragment of the same film that Fellowship was, is being shot in the same method, containing the same actors in the same roles giving the same performances (since all three movies were shot at once), and that got rave reviews last year I already know that Two Towers and Return of the King are going to get raves.

BTW, did anyone else get a giggle out of the article’s comment that his interest in Tolkien’s writings only extended to Fellowship of the Ring. Somehow I doubt it even got that far… :slight_smile: