First the Catholic Church. Then Penn State. Now the Boy Scouts.

Dammit! I’m now forced to believe that this shit goes on all the time and everyone covers it up. Un-fucking-believable.

One starts to lose faith in the human race.

So if they covered up rather than dismiss the molesters, that means they weren’t gay but most likely good, upstanding, God-fearing, Christian men who can’t possibly be a danger to young boys.

So who’s the more dangerous?

You just started?

Next up: The Big Brothers/Big Sisters organizations—or did they already get nabbed and I slept through it?

Wait, you mean there’s no badge for Cocksucking? No wonder the other troops shunned us at Jamboree!

:o :smiley:

But seriously, yes - I would expect that any scheme/outfit that involved leaving minors under the care of “trusted” adults would be vulnerable to pedophile presence or just plain abuse, especially if communities were induced to give those “trusted adults” an exalted prestige. In turn, given the historic attitude of social institutions towards “scandal” until very recently – to wit, that the actual incident of wrongdoing is not as dangerous to the institution as the discredit arising from “scandal”, so if to avoid the latter you have to leave the former unpunished it’s a fair trade-off – it will have been often swept under the rug by those in authority.

Of course, in a turn of ironic justice the result of that in the last generation has become that you end up with a *bigger *scandal and *worse *discredit at the end of the road. But for times uncounted the institutions had and have been succesfully getting away with it – shuffle around the miscreants, pay some hush money if necessary, intimidate or punish the victim if it comes to that… it worked, for a long time.

Come on, though. Seriously. Who wasn’t expecting this from the Boy Scouts?

I believe I first learned about this issue in an episode of South Park.

The Scouts were out hawking something at the grocery store yesterday. I was fully prepared to be an ass and tell them that until there was a merit badge for cocksucking, I would refuse to support their organization. Gay Rights and all that. But they were busy scamming some other poor soul when we left so I didn’t get the chance to make a fool of myself and embarrass my wife publicly. :stuck_out_tongue:

My psychic merit badge tells me this will be spun as vindication for their “no gays” policy and evidence that they must be even more vigilant to exorcise the deviants from their organization.

Seriously, who’s really surprised about this? Stodgy anti-gay male institution is a harbor for pedophiles. Do bears shit in the woods?

Nothing like decades of covering up for child molesters to make you want to trust some organization with your kids.

Not that there was a chance I was going to let my son join the Scouts anyway, given what we already knew.

When men try to repress or subjugate their sexuality, bad shit happens.

Yes - because the kids are responsible. Seriously - don’t be the Chik-fil-a Guy.

Regarding the OP - Yet another reason to be disappointed with the BSA

“Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers”

Ha! Good one. :slight_smile:

That was the other reason. The kids were all too young to make a reasoned decision about such things, and there weren’t any adults around to yell at. So once again I failed to make an ass of myself. Guess I’ll just have to keep doing it here. :smiley:

Who wants to bet that the Boy Scouts’ reaction to this is going to be: “See, we told you that you can’t trust gay men with children!”

Interesting that all three of these institutions are on some level homophobic. They invariably are.