First time poster-Little New York

Is it just my imagination or is Hollywood really run by a handful of multinational corporations from New York. It also seems that the ones who run it in Los Angeles are all from New York as well. They also run the news media from the same corporations but when the media jumps all over Hollywood in perticular Los Angeles they never mention it.

Welcome to the boards RW55. This thread is, IMHO, an IMHO thread because, well, it just is. :smiley:

IMO, Hollywood was started by a bunch of wussy New Yorkers who couldn’t hack the cold.

actually hollywood was started by people who wanted to get around edisons patent hassles with movie makers and becuase the climate was easier to make movies in and easier on the actual film

and some say becuase if they had federal hassles it was only 4 hours to tj over the border

but in most of the old time movie studios the fianicinal people were in new york and the creative people were in la and had little to do with each other except when the studio was losing money ie the original mgm set up

who left the door open ?