First time Star Wars was on broadcast TV.

As Star Wars post number 87,943, I’m hoping this one hasn’t been covered yet. Anyone remember the first time Star Wars aired on broadcast TV? It was on CBS and they made a major event out if it, during commercial breaks showing interview snippets from cast members and fans, some who talked about seeing the original dozens or hundreds of times in the theater. (The fans, not the actors.)

It was the first movie shown on Pay TV in Canada, too.

yep I remember that it was on a Saturday night ….then around xmas nbc had esb in much of the same manner but I dont think rotj was ever shown

I believe the first American broadcast network of** Star Wars** was in February 1984 on CBS.

I don’t remember if it was the first broadcast, but I remember being able to stay up until the first commercial break. I seem to recall only watching up to Luke staring at the twin suns.

We taped it!
Us kids must have watched it 500 times.
I haven’t seen that recording in 30+ years but remember some clips with Mark Hamill and a commercial for a C3PO breakfast cereal (C3POs?).

The cassette is probably still at my parents.
I should get it digitized.

Who shot first?

Han, by G-d.

Yeah, you should. If nobody else has already done it, those commercial segments would be really interesting to see again.

I think the first time I saw Star Wars was from that broadcast, I wasn’t living in the US at that time and someone who had recorded it brought it over. I vaguely remember that there were commercials, but I think I we fast forwarded through those.


We also taped a TV broadcast, but it was after 1984. USA network on cable(does that even exist anymore) aired all three all the time.

It was our source of a VHS version for a long time and we wore those tapes out. It’s how many people grew up with it.

Fond memories, really.

Yup, USA is still around. While a lot of their programming is reality shows and NCIS re-runs, they’re the home of a couple of well-regarded original series, including Mr. Robot and Suits (and, previously, Psych and Monk).

I had a similar VHS tape of all three SW films, though I recorded it from HBO, so I didn’t have to deal with the commercials.

It was a huge deal when it first aired on HBO too. I remember my Mom let me stay home from school to watch a 9 am showing that they did before the “official” one that night.

ETA: it may have been Showtime not HBO.

They’re showing It’s A Wonderful Life tonight, for fans of that movie.