First Trailer: Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

That… that doesn’t look terrible. I’m cautiously optimistic.

“Don’t freak out-it’s just a mask” :smiley:

I hope its funnier than the trailer makes it

A part of my childhood just shriveled up and died.

More like exploded.

Megan Fox.

Of course. :rolleyes:

Ye gods, every one of theses trailers looks exactly the same. So they appear out of nowhere to open a can of whupass on some real bad guys. Then, later in the movie, some reaaalllly baaaad guy(s) show(s) up to give them a run for their money, almost but not quite killing them in the process. Amiright?

I’m not familiar with the original backstory of these characters, but I didn’t think it involved juicing them with green stuff.

I’d be a lot more optimistic if it weren’t for Megan “Cardboard-Cutout” Fox.

It did.

Don’t you know the secret of the Ooze?

I saw a compelling case made on Cracked or someplace that the ooze that fell in the sewer to create the TMNT was the same material that made Daredevil go blind.

Yep, here it is.

How the fuck does Megan Fox keep getting work in these tentpole movies?

Eastman and Laird (the TMNT creators) have said it wasn’t just the same material, but the same accident.

I might be a little older but I remember when it was satire and not a kid’s cartoon.

Yes, that was in the first TMNT comic, which was a parody of Frank Miller’s Daredevil, where DD was a ninja all of a sudden. Daredevil was trained by Stick, so the turtles were trained by Splinter. DD fought The Hand, so the turtles fought the foot, etc. The original comic was for (more or less) adults, or at least not for young kids, but it eventually became the children’s show we remember through rose colored glasses.

The music in the hit all the big budget trailer music cliches, didn’t it? DZH-DZH-DZH-DZH! BRAAAMMMMM! CREECREEECREE–KABOOM!

It also hit all the popular cliches in comic books at the time. The two most popular titles were the Teen Titans and X-men. And Ninjas were everywhere not just Daredevil. Wolverine fought The Hand too. So mutants, teenagers and Ninjas. And lets throw in turtles for the absurdity factor. When we saw the series was starting me and my friends bought it because it looked to be a fun send up of comic book cliches not because it was going to be a good series on its own. I still have the first few issues around somewhere.

Oh hells yeah! I’m looking forward to this.

She makes the tent pole move.

I love TMNT, so I’m into it. That said, MICHAEL BAY is all over this. Exploding buildings! Surprisingly, in the trailer at least, Megan Fox doesn’t seem horrible as April. I’m hoping the mask guys aren’t the Foot because they look more like V. The turtles look good except for their faces which are weird. Seems like they were also given super powered shells.

I’d heard that all you guys had gotten turned off by the whole alien thing.

In fact, I’m sure that’s why the ooze was shown, to try and make up for that.

Well, I didn’t see any racist, homophobic or sexist jokes, so at least 1.5% of the movie is not complete crap. Keep up the good work, Bay!