Megan Fox wants me to have a heart attack.

Link here.



I’ve been watching the wrong 1930s movies.

No-one is allowed to be that hot and wear a Star Wars t-shirt. I’m sure that’s against the law somewhere.

Meh. To each his own, but she looks plastic to me.

If she meant a word of this, she’d have already done nude work, either in a movie or elsewhere. She hasn’t. She’s just teasing with the fanboys.

Someone compared her to a Bratz Doll once and I completely agree.

Doesn’t mean she’s not hot as hell though.

She’s just a different hot compared to Scarlett.

I beg to differ. (She was wearing black Chuck Taylors with the shirt, which makes it even better.)

Who is this girl? I hate to be a keyboard critiquer but she’s not attractive, IMO. Bangin’ body of course but those are a dime a dozen. Her face is uninteresting and, frankly, looks fake.

But I can never again talk about a girl’s looks online without thinking of this picture.

[fingers stuffed in ears]LA LA LA LA LA I Can’t hear you!! LA LA LA LA LA[fsie]

I really thought she was out of place in the Transformers movie. She was way too “hot” even for a geek’s love interest. I would’ve preferred to see someone a little less “model”, and a little more “girl next door”.

oooohhhh yeah, like the actress from Disturbia.

I’m always curios when people say things like this.
What type of person do you find attractive?
Maybe a top five celeb list?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say anything negative about Jennifer Conelly in the looks department (nor Anne Hathaway.)

There definitely is a good bit of a plasticness about Miss Fox’s face going by those pictures. Totally hot, but her face does make me think of something like this. (mild NSFW)

She looked a lot better than she does in that pic in the Transformers movie IMO.

WormTheRed just got new wallpaper :slight_smile:

She is sooo hot in that movie!!

Never heard of her. Is she just a pretty face, or does she have some real presence on-screen?

She’s quite good in TransFormers… if you like that kind of movies (which I do).

Haven’t seen her in anything else though.

See, there’s the thing. I saw that photo before transformers came out, and I nearly died. She’s fantastic! Then, when watching the movie, I was like, where did the hot girl go? Who’s this skinny angular girl that appears to have been botoxed at twenty-five?

Megan Fox; she takes a good photo, that’s all I’ll say.

Yeah, her hooking up with [del]Spike[/del] Sam was the most unbelievable part. Giant, talking, transforming robots from outer space I can handle. A girl that hot going for the geek? Not so much.