Anybody get'n tired of the "Hawt bisexual girls" theme?

Seriously, it was cool for maybe like five seconds but now it’s just getting down right annoying. We need a new fad dammit!!

I see Megan Fox has a new movie out. (I forget the name of it) I guess the movie is such crap that the only way they could sell it was by showing a ‘lesbo’ scene in the trailer.

:rolleyes: times infinity.

Am I being an old grandpa? Or is this bi sex fad really get’n lame?

I’m as much a fan of hot bisexual girls as anyone but, c’mon now… does anyone think the film is actually going to show anything?

I’m guessing the same people who think this flick will deliver in the hot bisexual girls department are those who see “Unrated Version” across some girl’s chest on a DVD cover and think “Wow, I bet this really has a lot of boobs in it!”

A woman having an orgasm is sexy. Two women having an orgasm…

Not that that will be shown in the movie. I just don’t get the anti girl on girl backlash. Maybe my taste in the subject will change in the future, but it hasn’t in the past decade.

I think you’re just burned out on Megan Fox, who has to be the most unappealing “it girl” to ever emerge from Hollywood’s vile underbelly. There’s nothing about her that’s not irritating and her constant cries of “Did you know I’m bi?” are just one more item in a laundry list of annoying crap.


I will never get tired of it. I’m having trouble even computing the concept. That doesn’t mean I’ll watch the movie, as it looks like crap anyway, and although I’ve heard of Megan Fox I’ve never seen anything she’s done. But the general girl-girl theme? It’s a keeper.

I have no idea, but for some reason I want to see this movie. Not enough to go to the theater, but I’ll catch it on HBO or something.

As to the OP, nope, never. I love me some hawt bisexual girl. In fact, hot girls don’t go to the bathroom, that’s just a room for them all to make out.

I spend a good portion of my time thinking of girls my fiancee should make out with.

I await the day when hawt bisexual girls are no longer a fad, but an accepted part of mainstream culture, appearing on McDonald’s cups and Saturday morning TV.

Tired? Ha.

Personally, I don’t find girl-on-girl stuff particularly titillating. However, girl-on-girl stuff means there are two girls, and I find girls arousing. Hence, I only watch girl-on-girl porn, when given the choice ('cause really, who wants to look at a schlong? I only pet mine because it’s well behaved) because, well, it’s more chicks.

Seriously. The movie also stars Amanda Seyfried, and my first reaction to the commercial was “Amanda, honey… making out with Megan Fox? You’re better than that!”

I’ll never get tired of hawt bisexual girls. But I’ve only seen Megan Fox in one movie, and I’m already tired of her.

Actual hot bisexual girls, I am in favor of. Fake-bi-paid-to-do-it-and-yet-don’t-even-do-it-arousingly-or-convincingly girls, I wish would disappear completely. Of course, I am a real-life not-hot bisexual girl who hasn’t had a girlfriend in (mumble) amount of years, so I may be biased.

Cheer up. Maybe the Next Big Thing in eroticism with be the “middling bisexual girls” theme.


It’s been boring for quite a while, and gets more clichéd every sweeps week. There are plenty of real bi-curious girls interested in experimenting with one another but most aren’t doing it for an audience. Guy-on-guy still hasn’t gotten old, though. Keep pushing that, TV writers!

Haven’t seen Jennifer’s Body yet but the director mentioned that it’s partly about a toxic friendship between the two female leads, the hot girl and the ‘nerd’ (read: hot girl with glasses and a ponytail). I’m sure girl-on-girl action didn’t hurt with a horny teen demographic, but it’s also probably somewhat realistic in that a lot of girls have crushes on other girls in high school, halfway between wanting to be them and wanting to be with them (the same way many of them see their male idols).

Don’t usurp Paris Hilton. She worked hard for that role.

Errm, two bisexual girls, one cup, and a Saturday morning TV slot might not go so well together.

Oh, trust me, personals sites already have that one sewn up. Apparently it’s not as profitable as the other, so they had to go there.



I personally wonder when it will become hot twin on twin action, if girl-on-girl goes completely mainstream. The one theme I’ve seen repeated is that, as a particular fetish becomes popular, a more deviant fetish will fill the other one’s place.

I already know of some incestophiles online.

Oh, and yes, I’m tired of it. Sure it may be pleasurable. But it also is starting to seem mundane. I actually enjoy that change, as it means it won’t distract me so bad anymore.

Personally I’d prefer hawt lesbian girls. Why stop halfway?