Megan Fox wants me to have a heart attack.

Does anybody know what 1930s “arty movie” she’s talking about? perhaps?

Why, oh, why must I encounter these threads while at work? I can’t click on any of that stuff right now, and this thread will be either out of sight or I’ll forget by the time I get home…:smack:

Ecstasy doesn’t quite meet her description:

Ecstasy, IIRC, only has a nude swimming scene.

Brian Austin Green?



There’s hope for everybody.

Meh. I wouldn’t pay movie theatre prices to see that.

I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD.

The fat kid from Stand By Me married Rebecca Romijn.

Yeah but the fat kid grew up to be a pretty hunky guy. Brian Austin Green grew up to be, well, just Brain Austin Green.

I haven’t seen it, but according to the Wikipedia, she proceeds to run about through the valley as well.

And note that what Miss Fox might have meant (and which doesn’t seem to conflict with her actual words in any way) is that she would like to do nudity like they did in the 1930s, i.e. in a artsy rather than cheesy erotic way. She doesn’t specify that the sort of 1930s movie that she’s thinking of was all nude from start to finish, just that what nudity it had was presented in a way that she appreciated enough to want to do from start to finish.

I, for one, wholeheartedly approve of the initiative (botox or not.)

It’s much easier to fap in the privacy of your own home.

There are no films from the 1930s that do nudity in an artsy way. Not in Hollywood and not Ecstasy or other foreign art movies that were shown in America. Heck, the nude swimming scenes in the original Tarzan that got cut before distribution were artsier than Ecstasy. A few silent films and pre-Code Hollywood films had extras in the nude (for Roman decadence effect, e.g.) but none had the main characters appear in the nude for any length of time or to any effect. They were always slipping in and out of baths that covered their naughty bits, though. Maybe that’s the kind of nudity she was thinking of: non-nudity.

By the 1930s you didn’t even have the artsy nudes in Broadway shows, like the Follies.

She’s another child of the 2000s who doesn’t know enough about history to know what she’s talking about.

Hey! No putting her off wanting act in the nude…

If she thinks they did it that way in the 30.s and wants to imitate, who are you to argue otherwise :wink:

And for once, we are thankful.

Here’s to the miseducation of attractive female celebrities!

Guys; get it out of your system. Just google “megan fox jennifers body” , its a new movie she’s in… couple weeks ago, pics emerged of her skinny dipping for a scene in the movie (she’s wearing nothing excet these little skin couloured nipple patches and skin coloured panties).

Go nuts.

Exactly. The real headline should be “Megan Fox wants to get publicity”. Hot looking actresses know that when they talk about doing nude scenes the press will report it.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

It is a bad thing. We’re letting them get away with receiving publicity by talking about nude scenes. No more, I say. I’m calling for a ban on stories about nude scenes. From now on, if hot looking actresses want publicity, they’ll actually have to take off their clothes and do a nude scene.

It’s like how Maxim screwed us over. Back in the seventies, if an actress wanted to get publicity she had to appear in Playboy - and at least get topless. Now they just do Maxim in lingerie or a bikini.

Those bastards.

For clarification purposes, the name of the film is Jennifer’s Body, to be released in 2009. MF plays “Jennifer” and it also features Amanda Seyfried (this weekend’s Mamma Mia!), Amy Sedaris, and J.K. Simmons. It’s written by Diablo Juno Cody.

Ok, now Amanda Swyfried IS gorgeous. Man, she’s smokin’ hot. I’d take her over Megan Fox any day. Shit, I’d take Megan Fox over Amanda Seyfried, too. I’d take 'em in any combination. Ah, what am I ranting about… I haven’t had sex in six months. I’ll take anything.