"Fishermen land Colossal Squid"

A New Zealand fishing boat caught an immature Colossal Squid.

Initial thoughts:

Why should I trust the measurements of any fisherman?

Its just as dead as Anna Nicole Smith and just as bald as Spears, but 1000 times more interesting (to me at least).

Why does the term “Colossal Squid” make me want to giggle?

Hmmmm! Squid subs!

Oh, wait. No.

They caught a couple big ones (Giant Squid, I imagine) near Spain within a week and, since one of the boats was from San Sebastián (where squid subs are a local specialty), their first thought was squid subs. Apparently they were too though, pity.

Wonder if I can buy me some squid at the French supermarket, the fishmonger seemed pretty good… and the Coop near my house sells this superb bread… yum!

This is great news, now we can work out whether or not to shoot the kid and drink the Hitler chemical.

In the last 20 years, more than 100 giant squid have been hauled up by vessels in the waters off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and Roper estimated that around 35 specimens have been found in south Australian waters.

Here at the Museum of natural history in our town Trondheim we even have a plaster cast of one (which washed ashore in 1928) up on the ceiling which is as large as a bus. Somehow these giants still elude our knowledge of them. Must be one them 100 things to do in life, to meet one of these alive and well when diving :eek:

Some wiki info .

That does sound good. In Louisiana, Po Boy sandwiches are made with shrimp or fried catfish. (Well, techincally they can be made with any sort of flesh. But its Louisiana! You must have fried aquatic creature.) Fried Squid Po Boy? I’d try it. :smiley:

You’re supposed to do it au jus, too; juiiiiiicy! But not in their own ink, it works better fried (in their own ink it tends to be a tad too salty).

Some of the stuffed red peppers I have at home are squid-stuffed… thanks btw, Mousie, I know what am I having for dinner.

And I now have another reason to go to Nueva Barcelona! That sounds like real bread!

You left out the Oyster Po Boy! My favorite.

I’m pretty sure Calimari Po Boys can be found in NOLA.

Previous thread on the colossal squid, including posts from Steve O’Shea, the squid expert quoted in the article.

Mine too. Shrimp po-boys are good, and shrimp-and-oyster po boys are good. But make mine all oyster, dressed.

The squid is an interesting disovery. But I do feel a bit bad for the squid. It’s not as if it died and floated to the surface. It was killed. An accident, of course; but it’s still dead.

The article I read said the fishermen were after ‘Patagonian toothfish’, which I knew to be ‘Chilean sea bass’. That reminds me that the ‘Slimehead’ is sold as ‘orange roughy’. Ah, marketing!

My favorite quote from the article I was reading about it…

Jesus criminy Christ in a bottle. :eek:

Just like to say I missed that thread and I know and work in the same place as Steve O’Shea! When he had a giant squid in the lab last year, students were allowed to go and visit it. It stank for miles up the road.

I’m calling BS on this one… if the Squid weighs 900 pounds, it’d be big. However, tractor tires are enormous and weigh 50 pounds or more each. Unless they mean super tiny front tires on a tractor (not the enormous rear tires).

[Anouncer Voice]“New, at Red Lobster…!”[/Anouncer Voice]

This might explain it better.

Looking at this picture, with it fully fully extended and submerged, I can see a cross-section being at least near the diameter of your average car tire, but the thickness of the flesh would make it seem like something I’d be more likely to try and hula-hoop with as opposed to dipping it in some sauce and eating it.

Caption with the photo says “thought to be the largest squid ever found anywhere”.

Haven’t giant squid been found washed up on beaches?