five holes in paper, three ring binder?

I work at an auto parts store and take care of the catalogs. Most of the catalogs have five holes in them. The racks have only three pegs. What are the extra two holes for? Have I lead such a sheltered life as to never seen a two ring binder? Help please

Yes there are (smaller) two-ring binders.

like thisone

Some catalog racks have 2 pins, not three.
If it is a catalog designed for Europe and the US, it may have 7 holes. 4 for Europe, and the three for US

When I worked for the old Bell System, all our internal binders and
paper had four holes. I don’t know if it was a holdover from years ago, or just a method of keeping employees from stealing binders.

Back then the Bell System was big enough to be able to demand nonstandard supplies.

The binder sleeping showed would obviously not be used for standard 8½ x 11" pages.

However, I recall that my dad had just such a standard-sized 2-ring binder from his college days (early '60s).

I also remember in one of my grade school textbooks, a photo example of some assignment. The 5-hole paper was torn at each hole, as if ripped from a 5-ring binder. That bizarre possibility obviously made more of an impression on me than the lesson, but I’ve never seen such a binder, and I suspect the tears were faked (crocodile tears?).

By the way, many patient charts at medical facilities have multiple rings, but the format is different in that the rings are at the top of the page (binder’s spine is on the short side).

When I was in grade school, all we had were two ring binders. The three-ring sort seemed to take over when I was in junior high, which would have been in the early 70s.