Fiver breaks the fourth digit! (A post party)

At last, I no longer feel like a newbie. One thousand posts! One year! That’s about twenty posts a week. How’m I doin’?

Come one, come all. I’ve got They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies and Voice of the Beehive on the CD player. The punch is charged with that little something extra. There’s a bunch of grapes on the table for evilbeth.

In honor of my impending trip to Iceland, this is a Viking-themed post party. Y’all hang your horned helmets on the hatrack and go pile your shields on the bed.

You can hold on to your battle axes; I know you’re leery of parting with them.

xtal, could you be a pet and bring in a few flagons of mead? Thanks.

Mjollnir, have all the punch and mead you want, just be careful where you swing yourself.

Adjusting the braids in her hair
Congrats Fiver! Now gimmee a chalice of mead. (this breastplate is chafing something awful, but hey, it’s your party)

Congrats, Fiver!!

Please fell free to help yourself to the canapes that I have arranged on the horns of my helm… I highly recommend the kim-chi radishes!:slight_smile:

Hmmm…that’ll make things a bit uncomfortable for the traditional party “couple having sex under the coats on the bed”, but never mind. Congratulations on your grand achievement, fiver – is that mead here yet?

I’ll thank you not to refer to my wife that way…

Okay, my hair’s not long enough to braid, but can I come anyway? :slight_smile:

And I just saw your pic…hey Fiver, how YOU doin? :wink:

hoping I don’t scratch anyone with this pointy breastplate

Congratulations, Fiver. Eat, drink and be merry.

Fiver, I saw the thread title and I thought you broke your ring finger!! You scared me.

Anyway, congrats!


Thanks, all, for the congratulations! Praise Odin for giving me such great DopeFriends.

Sorry xtal hasn’t shown up with the mead yet (where is that girl?), but there’s plenty of punch so help yourselves. I’m sorry the spike doesn’t fit the theme, but at least I removed the worm before I added it.

Astroboy14, these canapes are scrumptious! You must give me the recipe!

And now for the flirting section (hey, it’s my party!).

Tequila Mockingbird: If you take off the breastplate, I can rub in some moisturizer where it’s chafing.

Falcon: I’m doin’ fine, sweetcheeks meaningful wink. Ever done it on a pile of shields?

jazzmine: Mine’s pointy too, but it’s not a breastplate.

SexyWriter: Sorry I gave you a fright. How can I prove I’m hale and hearty? Oh, I know, here: pull my finger!

End of flirting section.

Now, we don’t want any trouble with the law at this party, so who volunteers to be the Keymaster?

::Busts in, wearing his # 84 Randy Moss jersey::

::Looks around at everyone, with breastplates, braids, and battle axes::

::slowly slinks out::

Dammit, I always f-up these things…

winks at Fiver Nope, but I’d be willing to try almost anything…

Well done, kid. A hooded person will be along shortly to pass along the secret handshake and the key to the executive washroom.

Damn, sorry I’m late. Work’s been worse than Helga’s breath.

Here’s five gallons of 1000 day-old mead. How many of us are there? About 12?, heh, heh, heh… this is gonna be a good party!

If anybody wants me, I’ll be in the kitchen (or maybe in the coat closet, attempting to determine if Fiver was telling the truth in “What I really like about me”.

Good for you. :smiley:

Hey, congrats!! You’ve turned 1,000. Seems like yesterday when you were only Five. :wink:

I’ve enjoyed your wit, your wise comments, and the general joie de vivre you bring to your posts. If I had to say something negative, it would be that you’re wasted in the Pit: you’re too much a nice guy to do a really good flame!

I was wondering what to use post 4,001 on – I’ve got a PCP of my own going on a couple of threads away – and congratulating you seemed the right thing to do with it.

Oh, and if Falcon decides to go change into something more comfortable…

Well, you’ve been warned! :wink:

::struts in wearing an authentic Viking lady costume…well except for the garter belt,fishnets and stiletto heels but hey…that’s hardygrrl::
So Fiver,my big strong warrior…
How YOU doing?

A loud clatter of shields is heard from the bedroom. The door opens and Fiver and Falcon appear in the frame. Fiver’s horned helmet is askew and Falcon’s metal breastplate, somehow, is on inside-out.

Ah, xtal, you finally showed up with the mead. Thanks, chick! The punch was getting a little funky (between you and me, I think Astroboy14 may have put a little kim chi juice in it).

Stick around, mouthbreather! Whoever this Randy Moss character is, I’m sure he’d want you to have a good time. Besides, you’re one of my Hotlanta homeboys! Can’t hava a post party without you!

Polycarp, thanks for the kind remarks. I’ll try to be more of an asshole next time I’m in the Pit.

hardygrrl…my, my, hardygrrl! Looking at you, I feel like I’m only 500 posts old again. I’m doin’ fine, but that attire is totally wrong for a Viking-themed post party. Here, come into my bedroom with me and I’ll help you take it off…

Does that mean the thong has to come off too?

::follows Fiver into bedroom::

I’m afraid it does, darling.

::Closes bedroom door::

Damn…catches breath

Ladies? The claims he made in the “What you like about yourself” thread? SO true… :wink:

::bedroom door opens. The thong,garter belt and stockings are thrown into the room::

Sure I’ll keep the shoes on when you ask like that :slight_smile:

Why don’t you ahow me what a mighty warrior you REALLU are?

::stiletto clad foot kicks the door shut::