Fix the President Thread

If you could fix one thing about President Bush (Part 2, The Revenge), what would it be?

I disagree with him on many things (abortion, oil drilling, tax cuts), if I could change ONE thing, I would change his mind on the missile defense system.

I can only see two outcomes to pursuing missile defense. It will be either a colossal waste of money, or a direct cause of global conflict.

So, what one thing would YOU change about the President?
(Note: in order to keep this in IMHO, let’s try to avoid debating the merits of anyone’s opinion. There are GD threads enough of each of these issues. I am curious about where people place their priorities. For those of you on the other side of the political spectrum than me, I encourage you to tell me where you think President Bush is too moderate/liberal.)

I would have him grow a handlebar mustache and make him talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Uh, besides that…

I think I’d change his mind about the Aschroft thing… that requires going back in time, is that against the rules? I see not so great things in the future from our new Attorney General…

I would make him more envioronmentally freindly, everthing else about him seems good to me.

I’d make him an environmentalist too.

Everything else is just politics, and just as likely to swing the other way in the near future. But if he/they screw up the environment, it’ll take a long time to fix, if it can be fixed.

Fix him?

It’s too late, he’s already bred himself.

Pregnancy would do him a world of good, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Change his middle initial.

“If he only had a brain…”

From all accounts I’ve read, and from listening to him talk, I’d give the man some deeper convictions. I honestly don’t think he has the slightest idea of what he believes in - he appears to be interested purely in the politics of the office. I can’t seem to figure out what, if anything, he believes strongly in. Love him or hate him, Clinton was a man who had a vision of what he wanted the country to be like and had a whole load of policies to try and get us there. With Bush I get the distinct impression that he ran because he found that he could raise money and was the least objectionable to the movers and shakers in the Republican party. They tolerated him because he wasn’t going to try to do anything silly like espouse a particular belief or otherwise hurt their interests. It is almost as if the Republicans thought to themselves, “Well, he’s not smart enough to hurt us and if we get some of our good friends to work in the Administration nothing too bad can happen.” Like Robert Redford said in the movie, “The Candidate,” I can see George W. Bush sitting behind his desk in the oval office on day one and saying, “OK, now what do we do.” As much as I hate to say this, I fear that America is going to really regret having this man as President.