Fixing My Magic 8-Ball

I have a Magic 8-Ball from the 50s. It has a glass “pickle jar” that holds the polyhedron with the answers on it. There is too little liquid inside it now, so the “answer ball” doesn’t reach the bottom of the jar when you turn the 8-Ball upside down.

I’m not a collector. I just love this Magic 8-Ball and want to see its answers! So I looked for someone to drill a hole into the glass, but the local glass dudes worry it might be tempered glass and will shatter under the drill.

I had a second 50s 8-Ball, but it was scratched, so I tried cutting it up to get to the pickle jar. Well, I’ll tell you – the glue is as strong as the plastic. I destroyed it. Then the pickle jar has a strange lid that I couldn’t get open.

Any ideas on rejuvinating this 8-Ball?

Another primate

This site provides some information on the inner anatomy of the Magic 8 Ball.