Fixing the cat. . .or idioms I've always wondered about.

Why is it called “fixing”? The cat isn’t broken. Maybe it means “You wanna yowl all night Tigger? I’ll fix you!”

“I have a bone to pick with you” always sounded kinda sexual. So does “penal institution”.

My girlfriend is always telling me “You’re not wrong.” It’s because she just can’t bring herself to tell me I’m right.

I know. I need to “get over myself”.

This is in IMHO because, um, it’s a list of idioms I’ve always wondered about. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

that came up with fixing cats.

It’s one of those nice euphamisms that prevents us from needing to cross our legs in a universal protective gesture. I knew one lady who took great joy in refering to the same operation on a male cat as getting the cats berry’s whacked off and then watch all the men cringe.


A lesbian I know once waited until she had a big crowd of people around before announcing, “I just took my kitty in to have his little balls snipped off.”

Oh, thanks, Biggirl. Now I have running through my mind—to the tune of “Felix the Cat”—

"Fixing the cat—the wonderful, wonderful cat!
He’ll bite your nose and run your hose and then he’ll shed upon your clothes . . . "

Maybe half the universe. Actually what they do to the female cats is major surgery: ovariohysterectomy. The males have it easy. Female cats take a lot longer to recover.

Having lost one gonad I can relate (clutch abdomen, groan, sprawl).

IMHO people say “fixed” because they can’t remember who gets spayed and who gets neutered.

Heh. When we brought Noel home, she was groggy and slept most of the time. Misty, however, was wound. She kept running all over the house.