Fla. Rep. Bob Allen (R): Oh, I'm not gay, I'm a racist asshole.

Pop quiz, hotshot:

You’re in a public park bathroom in Titusville, FL. You’re a rather wimpy middle-aged white man. You look over into a closed bathroom stall and see a “pretty stocky black guy”. Since there are “nothing but other black guys around in the park”, you find that you are “afraid of becoming a statistic”. Do you:

a.) realize that your fears are unfounded and that the large black guy in question probably just had to use the bathroom;
b.) quietly leave the bathroom (which shouldn’t be a problem, since your feared attacker is shut up in a stall), get in your car, and retreat to a safer environment; or
c.) let yourself into the stall and offer the guy $20 to let you blow him.

The answer may surprise you.

It’s sad that Rep. Allen felt it was better to come off as a racist and an idiot than to admit that he was cruising for anonymous gay sex, but he was probably right.

(Who the hell pays to give a blowjob? I can’t say I know much about anonymous gay hookups, but I always imagined that a guy looking to give head wouldn’t have much trouble finding opportunities to do so for free.)

I feel bad for the guy. What he tried to do isn’t even bad. Weird, maybe. Definitely strange, but what he’s doing now to try and make it all go away is pretty terrible.

He’s going to lose everything in his life because he was too embarrassed to admit that he is gay. The worst part about it is that this wont open anyone’s eyes. His life is ruined for nothing.

Apparently the Honorable Representative weighed “toilet-cruising fag” against “racist asshole” and determined which designation would be more likely forgiven by his party and constituency. And yes, he probably chose wisely, inasmuch as there was any “wisdom” to be demonstrated.

Even the die-hard faithful are probably going to have trouble swallowing his story without gagging, though.

I thought he was the one offering to swallow?

The rumor that the next GOP convention is not going to be held in the Castro in San Francisco because it is too straight is not true. Not true I tell you!

Yes, but gagging is $10 extra.

And of course, the inevitable irony–the Wiki entry on him says

Is it just me, or is the badness of a public figure’s record on gay issues in direct proportion to how much cock they have sucked? (Yes, I’m looking at you, Ted Haggard.)

Well I believe him. If you thought stocky black guys were going to come out of a stall and attack you, what better position to have him in than his dick in your mouth? Would you try anything if someone had their teeth on your mantuber? I think not.

When was the last time you heard of Jim Bakker being mugged? Precisely- cause he knows how to be proactive.

What’s our country coming to when an elected official can’t even go to a men’s room in a park after nightfall and offer a guy money for sex without people assuming he’s gay? It’s like it’s the first thing that pops into anybody’s mind.

And again, Florida leads the pack in wackos.

I’m trying to figure out how he got himself into a bathroom in a public park without noticing there was a surplus of stocky black guys, but suddenly came to the realization as he was in the bathroom.

Who the hell peeks over stalls? All these years I’ve believed the hype about “urinal etiquette” maybe it is all a cover up for politicians trying to be muppets. When I read the op, I was wondering how he would know someone was a stocky black man by his shoes.

I must say when I’m threatened by a tough looking guy, I always assume the best way to appease him will be to imply that he’s gay.

Ah… so that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

Not nothing. It’s likely there’ll be one fewer hypocrite in politics.

Small steps, my friends, small steps.

This is where I am confused: Did the cop get his story wrong when he was filling out the paperwork? :confused:

It doesn’t make much sense.

The officer’s report of his own behavior was a little bizarre; unless something is seriously altered or missing in that report, it’s too incompetent for a sting operation, too active for off-duty, and too “arrest at the end” for the cop to be cruising himself. And Allen just crowded into a stall with him, with no invitation? Man, that’s pretty ballsy even if you are cruising.

Paying to give a hummer? Not so unusual, from what I’ve heard.

I have no idea how this reflects on Allan’s veracity; I’m just thinking – the cop brought up the money, he brought up the sex – so why was Allen arrested?

Not mine!

This is pretty standard. A lot of gay guys really like to give head, and if you’re not exactly an A-lister and you really like to suck off hot young studs, you may find the easiest way to go about it is to pay them for it.

So he was going to pay the guy and give him a blowjob? What’s the problem then? He sounds like a very generous man.

The story doesn’t say that Allen denied cruising for gay sex, by the way, and his story (and the officer’s own report) spell out an excellent “entrapment” defence against charges against soliciting prostitution, which is the only illegal act I can see here.

Paying to perform oral sex is a bit of a throwback to the days of trade, ostensibly straight men who, as long as they’re on the receiving end of the oral sex and/or are getting paid for it, maintain their straight identity.

There is also the possibility that the pool of available men is such that the only way to make for a willing partner is with a cash incentive. If one is out cruising public toilets and all one wants to do is perform oral sex, $20 is a small price to pay. I once had a guy give me $50 for letting him blow me. We met in a bar, though.

Solicitation and sex in public are suddenly not even bad?

Entrapment means that the officer convinced the suspect to break a law that the suspect otherwise was not predisposed to breaking. The events as stated in the OP’s link do not support an entrapment defense, in my non-lawyerly opinion.