George Allen, the time to stop lying has come. ("I don't need any n word ten")

So, two more people have come forward to contradict Allen’s blanket claims about having never used the n word and that anyone who says so is a liar, including a third who doesn’t want to be identified because a relative works for the Bush administration. We’re now up to around 12 named accusers on this score, along with any number of other ones who have thus far stayed anonymous.

They claim, as many other witnesses, that Allen used the word frequently, and specifically recall his habit of reffering to any black suit cards he didn’t want as “n word” cards.

Allen’s people refuse to even ask Allen if these allegations are true: after claiming that Allen has never done anything like that, calling all the accusers liars (which had the effect of just bringing out even more of them angry that allen would lie), and spending millions for two minutes of Tv time to call the accusations “baseless” they’ve decided to wash their hands of the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to work.

Just to give you a sense of the sort of spin Allen engages in, here’s a little story from his high school years (again the story is less about what he did then but what he says about it now). Basically, there was a big sports rivalry between Allen’s high school and a predominantly African American school. Several people from those days have come forward with claimed incidents establishing some pretty nasty behavior on Allen’s part (including labeling a baseball bat he kept in his vehicle “The N***er Knocker”) but the only one we know for sure is that:

  1. Allen started claiming that the rival school was going to try something.
  2. The next day someone spraypainted Allen’s school, including all sorts of (anti-white) racial epithets.

Allen was suspended, making it hard to deny that any of the above facts, recalled by others, were baseless.

But Allen’s spin today: yes he spraypainted the school, but he doesn’t know how any racially offensive terms got there (if he has to mention them at all).

George Allen is an idiot. If he had simply at some point in his career acknowledged that he was once a racist, but that he has changed and sincerely regrets his past and wants to make amends, I have every reason to think that voters would believe him. Allen has a heck of a lot to recommend him in terms of doing things that African American voters care about.

But what he’s doing now is just boneheaded, and there’s no reason to think that he can proceed as a politician via simply lying about it and hoping no one cares. This issue never would have come up if, as Gibson notes, Allen hadn’t said “NEVER” when asked. He created the problem for himself, and compounded it by handling it in the worst way possible.

It never ends with this guy. Check out the above link. He lied on his financial disclosure forms too.

He’s going to make millions as a lobbyist.

Oh, but you don’t understand hajario. You see, those investments didn’t turn out to make any money, so there is no conflict of interest. Just like when you kill someone for the insurance money, and it turns out that the policy expired, it’s not a crime because there was no motive.

Wait a minute! This guy spraypainted anti-white slurs?

So he’s not only a racist, but he’s a self-hating racist.

At least he’s an equal-opportunity hater. :smiley:

Yeah, what’s with spray painting anti-white slurs all about? I’m not sure Virginia deserves a senator who is that stupid.

He’s also Jewish and wore a Klan pin in some of his high school pictures.

The point was to make it look like the African American school had done it in order to get everyone all pumped up and hatin’ on them. Unfortunately, Allen got caught. Telling people that it was going to happen before it happened was probably the first tipoff.

George Allen has gotten this far in life by lying, why would he quit now? I’ll be satisfied if he’s lying in his house next January.

Virginia is such a lovely state and has so much going for it. They really deserve better than George Allen! If they elect him they are going to be sending a message about themselves that I don’t think they want to proclaim.

Virginia constantly sends messages about themselves you wouldn’t think they would want to proclaim. I lived their for a little over a year. While I was there they passed another anti gay act with very loose wording that could effectivly prevent people from willing their estates to those of the same sex. When I had issues with my company discriminating against me based on my sexuality and could not take any legal action to defend myself, I finaly left.

George Allen is the perfect poster child for that hell hole

Ok. I’m in late here. Where’s the cite? Or am I being whooshed?

And this just in…;_ylt=AhvrByfhgIO3aSPszprSNyes0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OTB1amhuBHNlYwNtdHM

**Allen didn’t disclose stock options **

They call him El Tostado!

Allen’s mother is Jewish, which makes him Jewish. Ask any of our Jewish Dopers and they’ll be happy to point that out. And as far as the pin goes, that looks to be the least of the symbols he’s used.(And a slight correction, it was a Confederate flag pin, not Klan, per se)

There’s more, but I think that what I’ve quoted should suffice to show that he’s not exactly a man of sterling character to say the least.

The revelation that his mother’s family was Jewish came in this campaign. I have no knowledge of any “Klan pin” though. The closest campaign issue like that is a photo of him posing with leaders of the CCC (the rich version of the Klan), and there is some question about how much he knew about the group (though he is known to have hired one of their members as Govenror).

Can you clarify this? Virginia THIS election is voting on a constitutional amendment which many argue will do this. But it’s not law yet.

I love his defense, basically: “As it turned out, I didn’t make any money off of it, so I felt that no one had to know my connections or the effect they might have had on my actions.”

What the hell does whether the gamble worked out or not have to do with whether or not the public should know?

Has this man ever taken an ethics course? That’s exactly why you disclose your financial interests, not so that the public can know how much money you’ve made, but so we have some idea of your connections and the effect they might have on your actions as a member of a government body.

If you consider $250,000 to be nothing, I guess he has a point.
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What, a measly quarter mill? Chump change, find it in the sofa.

At best he might agree it’s time to change lies.

I appoligize you are correct. I beleive the motion to put it on the ballet was made while I was living there. In VA I’m sure it will pass