Flaming hair

Anyone remember a band called the Flaming Lips?

“I know a girl who reminds me of Cher
She’s always changing the color of her hair
She don’t use nothin’ that you buy at the store
She likes her hair to be real orange
She uses taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangerines…”

I tried a new brand of hair coloring, and now my hair is RED. It looks great, and if you hadn’t seen me before, you wouldn’t think anything of it except that it’s eye-catching. But if, like Mr. Rilch and Friend, you saw me go into the bathroom as a so-so strawberry blonde and come out an hour later as a stop sign, you’d be amazed.

This is gonna be my shade.

Yay for you! I had FIRE ENGINE red hair myself this summer. My hair is typically black so it wasn’t the most subtle of changes, but I loved it!

(BTW, any trouble with the colour running? For a week or so, everything my hair touched - forehead, neck, pillows, collared shirts, etc. - was stained.)

And while we’re in the mood for singing… time for some Ben Folds Five:

“Just find a place where no one knows of your redneck past
Yeah, you can easily dispose of your redneck past
You’ll show them all back home”


My exboyfriend dyed his hair bright red once when we were going out and he looked SO FREAKING HOT that I pounced on him the second he got back from the hair salon - right there in the dining room - and didn’t let him up for two hours. Let us say that it was a styling decision we were both very happy with.

A friend of mine thought it would be da bomb if his hair was fire engine red. He dyed it and it looked awesome. It was crucial to wait 48 hours before washing his hair (or otherwise getting it wet), because the dye wouldn’t set properly otherwise.

Right after he dyed it, he dashed off to class. It started to rain on the way. He got to class with that rich red oozing down his face and back, making him look like he was suffering from a severe head wound. He was oblivious. He thought it was just the rain water dripping down his face and that people were staring at him because of the radical, new red.

Since he didn’t heed the 48 hours of a dry head rule, the dye never set properly. His hair was flaming pink for quite along time. He didn’t mind though.

I overstated the matter in the OP a bit. The color is just short of punk; it’s still a shade found in nature, despite the fact that I didn’t find it there.

Narrad: No running so far. I was careful to rinse it thoroughly and condition.

matt: That’s about the reaction Mr. Rilch had!

Charmian: I’ll remember that. Hope it doesn’t rain before Tuesday night!

My hair is red naturally.

I had crazy-red hair for a while. The day that I dyed it, a friend and I went walking into the then-new Saks, and walked around for about 10 minutes before realizing I had dye all over my shirt and neck. The not-so-subtle security guard that tailed us kept giving me weird looks. (Ok, so two punk looking chicks walking around Saks complaining about how a dress is $2K is kind of attention-grabbing.)

I just moved into a new apartment yesterday, and when I was cleaning out the bathroom, the previous resident had left a bottle of Manic Panic in the medicine cabinet. It was fire-engine red, and I was so tempted to color my hair. Alas, my new employers probably wouldn’t like it too much, and my SO already thinks I’m a fruit for dying my hair red in the first place.

Good luck! Have fun with it!

How you doing, Homebrew?. :wink:

What shade? I like all shades of red, but I’m curious.

[sub]and I’m not going to ask you that question because I’m sure you get it all the time.[/sub]


Yes, the carpet does match the curtains, although a lighter shade. I don’t get nearly enough inquiries, though. And I’m willing to allow confirmation.

I keep trying to get a fire-engine red color when I go to get my hair done, but, apparently, this is unusual among my hairdresser’s patrons, and she has nothing with which to do it.


I really want it!

I’ve been coloring my hair reddish for a while, but it’s dark brown and it usually just looks auburn.

Now, however, I think I’m going to do highlights next. I’ve had my hair frosted before, but now I want to try the chunk method-not all spread throughout, but big wide chunks and stripes of frosting.

Go for it Winnowill! If you just want red all over (no fancy highlightss), it’s easy enough for a friend to do it for you (or even do it yourself, I suppose. My ex-girlfriend was kind enough to dye me). Mine was a little trickier since my hair had to be bleached a couple of times first, but applying the red stuff was real easy.

A little messy, but easy. And fun!

Winnowill, you can do it yourself. It’s pretty easy. It may take a couple applications to get the color you want. But once you get it, it isn’t too hard to maintain. It’s just work. I do mine myself and I’m a klutz.

Loreal has some really nice red dyes that you can get at a beauty supply store like Sally’s Beauty, inculding a new one that is designed for dark hair. The color swatches look pretty good. I use a combo of Feria shades myself. It’s much cheaper to buy the devloper and color this way. The devleoper you need is around $3 and the color is around $5. Depending on the length of your hair you can get 2 applications out if each bottle of color. The developer lasts a long time since you get roughly 8 ounces in each bottle.

You can refresh the color by using a gloss or a temporary color kit (Loreal Casting or Clairol Natural Instincts). Sally’s also carries temporary color and gloss treatments. To be honest I 've never bought any there. I just get a box of Loreal Casting in Stop Light Red from Walmart when I need it.

I join Homebrew the NRHC (Naturally Red Headed Club) and when not dyed it is also an Auborn color, my goatee is around 5 shades lighter for some reason. When I color my hair it usually turns out to be almost a strawberry blonde or a copper color. A bit of TMI for you happy people but ma hair down there is naturally bright freakin red, really an orangish color. It always irks me when a girl asks if I dyed it, come on now it hurts bad enough coloring the big head.

Color me jealous! I once fantasized having my dark brown hair done in candy-apple red, but the cost was out of my reach. So now I satisfy myself with burgundy and plum tints. :cool: