Flander off to London!

Since he’s almost on his way, I’m posting on his behalf. Flander is off to London to attend the Eastbourne Skate Festival, representing his team (Riedell) and the sport of jamskating. I’m sure he’ll miss the board while he’s there, but he’ll be plenty occupied skating in the bars. Yes, skaters are welcome in London pubs! :smiley:

Flander, make sure and fill us all in on the details when you get back. :slight_smile:

He is aware that eastbourne is a bloody long way from London?

Ha! You beat me to it, owlstretchingtime. Poor Flander just might be in for a tiny disapointment, well, if he especially wants to be in London, that is.

Still, I should think there will be some free time for getting on a train and going to London, should Eastbourne prove in any way lacking in excitement. :slight_smile:

'm sure a good time will be had in any case.

Oh heck, though, I think I am going to be mightily amused at the notion of a crowd of travelling skaters wandering around Eastbourne muttering “where Buckingham Palace? Where Tower Bridge? Where British Museum?” etc
Yes, I know my location says I live in civilsation now :slight_smile: but I lived for some years in London. If I feel moved to go again for a visit (which I might as I have a friend there who plans to leave it ASAP, and it might be cute to go down there for a sort of leaving visit with her), then I reckon I’d try to invite myself for a meeting with all you nice London Dopers. Just as long as it’s not in Eastbourne, that is. :slight_smile:

Fecking priceless! :smiley:

LOL, okay I’ve learned something today. London and Eastbourne are no where near eachother. To us Americans going to the UK=London. I know, horrible right? He is flying into Heathrow though, so it sounds like he’s going to have a bit of traveling to do when he gets there. Should be fun nonetheless.

I just did my homework, and checked mapquest. They don’t look to be terribly far apart. Those of you who have been to Eastbourne, what’s it like? Is it a good place to spend a week in?

Distance is relative - to you guys it probably doesn’t seem like that far away, because the US is so much bigger than the UK. To us, however, its a fair wack.

Also whilst our transport links are pretty good within the cities, its much. much harder (and normally more expensive) outside of them.

What’s that old quote?

“The difference between the Americans and the English is that the English think that 100 miles is a long distance and the Americans think 100 years is a long time.”

Eastbourne’s alright - typical middle-class sea side resort. However the reason that we think this is funny is that it is a bit fuddy-duudy (this is british understatement at its best), and not somewhere that springs to mind when thinking of roller-skating and skateboarding. Ballroom dancing -yes skateboarding - no.

Further info here:


Well since Flander is from Florida (a.k.a. Retirement Haven) he should be well adapted to the “fuddy-duddy” environment. Sounds like it’s a pretty place right on the coast there. Since it is an annual event, I hope the locals have prepared themselves for what’s in store. And watch out for all those skaters in the Pubs.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

What next? Frinton hosts Lollapalooza?

Worthing’s Burning Man festival?

OK, I’m back.

First off, I know Eastbourne is nowhere near London though I DID make it there the last day and skated what seemed to be the city in its entirety.

I was in Colchester the first day and skated in a rink with a fucking bar!!! A FULL FUCKING BAR. Needless to say, after the performance, I had a few. :smiley:

Next few days were in Eastbourne. The weather could not have been better. Eastbourne is a pretty town and the beach is nice (except that it’s all rocks, WTF).

The last day was skating London. Very nice. Got lots of touristy photos and stuff.

Synopsis: England is awesome. The cars are small. Drinks are cheap. The guys talk funny, the girls talk sexy. And finally, I’ve gotten an official international agreement that Budweiser fucking blows.

Oh, and chicks with accents are hot.


Tell you what mate, i’ll send a few over to you if you’ll send me some of those southern belle types in return. :smiley:

Just be grateful you didn’t go to Birmingham!