I shall be partaking of a few fine beverages in your city on the 11th and 12th of August.

Would anyone like to accompany me to quaff in your favourite boozer?

I think I could probably manage a pint or two :smiley:

If I’m in town, I think I could probably manage a pint or two :smiley:

And no, I haven’t been drinking today. Really. :wink:

Seeing double, Fran? :wink:
I definitely can’t make the 12th, the 11th is possible…
[sub]I know that didn’t sound all that helpful, but it was about to slide off the front page, so you got a free bump too…[/sub]

OK, The 12th it is.

I’ll be staying in Datchet, but am free all day. I need to find some where to stay on Saturday night. Any suggestions?

Sorry, the 11th it is.

I’ll be there on the 11th.

I’ll be there tommorow night(3rd) too
bored waiting on a morning plane if anyone’s around with naught to do.

This is friggin hopeless !

I can do the Monday or Tuesday, Twisty, but not the weekend. Happy to fit in with anything on those days.

Sorry Damhna, same thing – can’t do the weekend. A big shame on both counts. Sorry, guys. Hey! where are you going, BTW ? – anywhere we should know about :wink:

I can make the Monday night Andy. I want to meet as many of you as possible (some of you again, as the case may be.)

Emmm ! Emmm ! Emmm!

Oh…nowhere. not going to see anyone …nope siree not me.

I do have to stop off in London for a little industrial espionage first. (well video taping a competitors product in public in Heathrow hardly counts as cloak and dagger but it I’ve always fancied myself as spy material). So I’ll be staying tommorow night and getting an early flight to…em…nowhere.

I arrive in London on August 9, and will be there for a few days. I’ll be at the Regent Palace Hotel in Piccadily.

Who wants to hang out with me?

Dahmna – You’re so convincing… I’d believe anything you say! That video tape might come in handy more than once – just don’t get the tapes mixed up or you’ll be forever known as James Bondage :eek:

Hi Grok – Well, it looks like we’re organising something for around the time of your visit so come along and meet Twisty and the team!. Not sure if ‘hanging out’ involves getting horribly drunk but I rather suspect that might be on the agenda. Brace yourself.

^yiikes good thing i thought to check here. p. new phone number is going to be in zour hotmail account. CALL!!!

everyone else, um, loooong ass story explaining above will be forthcoming shortly. long story short tater’s daddy mad at Damhna because of unfortunate broadcast through the house phone conversation involving the taterthighs.

oh and I can tzpe this is just a damn furrin kezboard.

I can probably make the 11th, but definitely not the 12th (double birthday celebration). I’m also around for the whole of the Monday after that (the 13th, I guess).

I could make either the 11th or 12th, just need a time & place. Can’t stay too late since I have to rely on the rail system to get me home.

Is anything coming of this? If I’m not in debtor’s gaol by this weekend… I admit to a morbid curiosity about what some of you lot look like.

Woohoo! A London Dopefest I can make!

I’m presently free all weekend, or Monday/Tuesday evenings.

Which end of London do people want to converge upon? Anywhere within Zones 1-4 works for me…


I will find somewhere in the city center to stay for Saturday night. It’s looking like the 11th. Could someone suggest a landmark we can all meet up at, and a time?

I can’t make it after all :frowning: I won’t be in town next weekend. Have a pint for me.