Might I suggest a UK DopeFest?

I’m taking the GrizzClan to England (staying near Southampton) this summer and will be there from 29June to 8July.
I’ve done a search and don’t see that the UK dopers (or those in not-too-distant lands) have had a fest in a while.

Anyone up for it?

That sounds good. A lot of the UK dopers post on www.nadsters.com too so you may want to pop over there and give them a heads up perhaps?

Will do!
Many thanks

Huh I’m not falling for that one ,you wanna lynch me you’ve got to find me first.
And I still haven’t learned to type !HA HA HA HA !!!

Include me in.

BTW who is buying the beer?

Last time I checked it was your round.

And Bonzer doesn’t know it yet, but he’s in too.

Is it going to be real beer or that gassy lager stuff?

Southampton is my locality… I’ve never ever done the messageboard-to-real-life meeting transition before. I’m nervous.

Well I’m only an hour and a half from Southampton myself. I might be around the weekend of June 29th.

At times like this, I really, really wish I could travel … :frowning:

Mangetout: if it’s any help, I’ve done the meeting-in-real-life thing a few times myself with people from other tubes on the interwebs, and found it extraordinarily easy, despite my having a bit of a social phobia. It seems that we tend to underestimate how self-selecting online communities tend to be - it’s not at all like meeting some random person.

All you have to do is convince GrizzRich that the clan need to come to your locale for a couple of days!

Firstly I’m a miserable misanthrope, secondly it’s gotta be four and a half hours to Southampton if it’s an inch, but I hope it goes great. :slight_smile:

I might have done it it was further North. Sorry guys.

I’m a potential, if I’m not snowed under by my thesis at that point. Will watch this thread.

Would it be easier to choose a place in London and all to travel there. Southampton is that extra bit out of the way for most people, whereas at least London is accesible and guaranteed cheap pre-booked return off peak tickets from the rest of the UK.

That’s certainly what we’ve done in the past.

May I ask just what is wrong with meeting in Manchester.

Cheaper than London and a far better city to be in

Manchester is a better city agreed, but the direct rail links into london would make it easier for many (not me- I’d prefer M/C as I live on the West Coast Main Line.) to get there. Plus, being a transplanted soft southerner, M/c seems a long way a way to people from the South!

Its too far away from Paris for me. And from Southampton which is slightly more pressing all things considered. Besides, its up north.
Disclaimer: I come from Burnley – 40 miles north of Manchester. I can say disparaging things about it.

Can’t understand the accent, that’s what’s wrong…

depending on where I am at the time and the availability of ridiculously-cheap tickets, I might drop by. Y’all mind letting a Spaniard with a sort-of-amurrkin-aksent have only one beer?