Might I suggest a UK DopeFest?

Cool. It’d be nice to meet you.

That said, given my location, I feel like a total fraud in even responding to this thread.

You would be closer than I am!

It’s not as nice as Wolves and we have a footie team that’s better when it comes to losing?

True that. It only takes me 2.5 hours to get to London on the train. :smiley:

6 hours for me, train or driving.

Pretty much everything. It’s a useless, toilet city in the middle of a useless, toilet county, and the only good thing in it is the road leading out of it.

Given that water tends to wash things, you would imagine that a city can either be subject to lots of rain or dirty. Manchester somehow manages to be both. I have no idea how a city regularly drenched from the sky can be so dirty, filthy and full of grime, not to mention litter.

Anyone unfamiliar with the ‘climate’ that Mancunians enjoy should dwell on the fact that the city is pleasantly situated just where the cold, rainy squalls incoming from the west can break on their way over the Pennines. The easiest job in the world is a ‘weather forecaster’ in Manchester. At any given time, it’s either raining, or there’s rain on the way, or the sky is a bit gray and overcast due to the recent rain. And it’s cold too.

There may be exceptions, but the average Mancunian makes a chav look like an up-market intellectual socialite of good breeding. Please bear in mind that the zenith of light entertainment in Manchester is Bernard Manning and his Embassy Club.

Ianzin: born in the north-west of England, specifically Bolton, and lived there for the first 18 years of my life, with all-too-frequent visits to Manchester for family, social, school or business reasons and all-too-numerous re-visits there ever since, despite my best efforts to avoid all contact with the city or the deity-forsaken region it squats in.

UK Dopefest? Yes. Manchester? No. Not if we want to actually enjoy it.

What Ianzin said. :wink: Apart from the bit about Chavs. I know some intelligent Mancunians. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we going to end up in the Silver Cross, again?

Hmm, I’d love to come, but I may be out of the country at that time. Although if not, another vote for London, please! For, as Dr. Jonson truly said:
“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

Well, that and stupid politics and congestion charging and hordes of tourists and shitty transport and dirty streets and ugly architecture in what should be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and complete unawareness of anything that happens beyond the M25 and…

Well, if the dates fit in I might be able to bring some Caribbean sunshine to the meet. I’m probably going to be in London and Oxford late June/early July so I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:


An embittered Neo- Southerner? let’s take this one step at a time shall we.

RAIN: Our average rainfall is less than that of the South of England.

TEMP: our temperature is not dissimilar to that of the South, a few degrees maybe but that’s it.

CLUBS: Mannings club burned down many years ago.It was suspected jealous Southerners were responsible for this act of desecration, unfortunately this could not be proven due to the bungs given to the poncy Southern MPs who suppressed the findings of the investigation

CHAVS: Originated in the South of England, we have a few admitted, you have the monopoly.

BOLTON: Yes indeed. Nothing derogatory can be said about this dump. Suffice it to say that if the world had haemmorhoids they would be at the Reebok or smack bang in Bolton town centre., assuming they hadn’t been misplaced and were in London.

IANZIN Reports in the Greater Manchester Newspapers report a great joy when you left our fair county. According to the London press there was a great weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth when you arrived. Grown men were seen to weep on Westminster Bridge and small children walked in terror on your arrival. Mothers were seen and heard to threaten their children with a visit from ianzin the cupboard monster was no more.

Finally, and you must surely be aware of this altho’ I suspect loathe to admit it: London is the absolute pits, Manchester is Englands FIRST city

Manchester is actually one of the few Cities in England that i genuinely loathe.

This mainly stems from the massive chips on the shoulders of everyone i met in pubs up there the moment they discovered i was from London. Being asked to leave a boozer simply because i won 10 quid on a fruit machine because:

“we don’t like southerners who do that”

convinced me that Mancs were far more snobbish than us southerners are.

That said personal experience changes everywhere etc. etc. Frankly i’m mistified by anyone who claims London is unfriendly and firmly believe they’ve just not seen its good side, so i don’t doubt Manchester might be the same.

Anyway, returning to the original topic.

I’m up for a UK Dopefest and pleasantly surprised by the amount of UK Doper names here that i don’t recognise. :smiley:

The cupboard monsters object to that slur you know.

Chowder, I’m another northerner that says Manchester sucks. :wink:

Yes but you live in France…nuff said

I’d be up for it - Southampton preferred, cause it’s local, but London maybe a possibility.


I’ve been to Manchester a couple of times, it was ok. London, OTOH, is the toiletest toilet of them all. And that’s from an ex-southerner now living in the midlands.

Yeah, I get good food, good wine, good alcohol, cheap fast reliable internet, a transport system that’s integrated and works… :wink:
Besides, they pay me to do astrophysics here. Better than what can be said for the UK.

But you still live in bloody France

I almost feel badly for suggesting this and then just watching it snowball on the efforts of others.
(After all, I AM an American. And, as I’m sure you all know, it’s all about ME! :stuck_out_tongue: )

That being said, I’m sure that London would be easily do-able for me.

So shall there be a date and location set?

You’re point being what exactly? :wink:

My point being that you live in France…sheesh it aint that hard to unnerstand :dubious: