International Londope II

Hi everybody! Welcome to the International Londope II planning thread.

Here’s the plan so far: Let’s all get together in a pub.

In London.

Sometime soon.

I was thinking somewhere around the Paddington area, so some of the provincials can get home more easily and stay longer.

Maybe around mid-July?

Any thoughts, comments?

I’m up for it, work permitting.

Me too.

I’m not coming. You’re all a bunch of bastards and I never want to see you again.

We weren’t going to invite you anyway. Nyah.

I am in Leeds for the weekend of 12th to the 15th, so that may not be ideal for me, other than that I am free every other weekend.

It still seems a bit soon though.

How about having one at the start of August?

Me three :slight_smile:

It sounds like a good laugh… but will someone please explain the rules of Mornington Crescent to me? Please?:slight_smile:

Well if you’re not going to invite me, I’M COMING ANYWAY. And I agree with Twisty - maybe the beginning of August?

I’ll be able to attend if John has forgotten by then how tough it is to look after a toddler single-handedly for the entire weekend.

But probably not. We’re going to Dublin in late June and to the States for a month in late July, so I’m pretty much already at my maximum level for travelling.

Have a wonderful time and take loads of pictures!

Count me in! Maybe this time I’ll get a B&B so I don’t have to run off so early.

As usual, put me down as a Damn Yes!



Hey, Paddington is no easier for this provincial. But I’m not arguing, mind.

Let’s do it.

hmmm, just thinking - if lots of people come down - we might be able to get a “group deal” at a hotel…

I’ll probably have to pass again as I’ll be in DC and then Leeds in early July, and then the football season starts up again.

However, if we get a ridiculously easy Champions League qualifier in a city I can’t afford to travel to, I might be able to swing an August Londope.

mid July sounds good to me. I’ll keep my eye on this thread and let you know, but for now put me down as a tentative ‘Yes!’.

Sounds cool!

Oh, and please make it first weekend in August if pos., as later on I’ll probably be away and unable to atttend.

The consensus seems to be tending toward early August at the moment. Hope that’s ok with you Gartog.


Are spouses and other Unregistereds allowed in?


Only if they are called Melvin.