So that makes, what…seven? eight? of us (depending on what the hell tater’s post means).

I know a few pubs around the St. James’s Park area we could do.

Or we could all go out for curry in Brick Lane. Your choice.

Bummer. :frowning:

Brick Lane’s not the best area for drinking.

I know the Camden area well (but then the last London Dope was there), and also the City / Leicester Square / Covent Garden fairly well. Mind you, I can only think of one or two particularly decent pubs in the centre (anyone else been to the Porterhouse?).

Even though I’m not going, may I suggest The Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street, W1. I did much drinking there in my student days - good cheap beer, friendly, a comfy basement bit and central location. Plus, it’s opposite Bertorelli’s and on the same street as many restaurants if you fancy a bite to eat.


I dunno – I like the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane when the weather’s pleasant and you can sit outside, and the food’s cheap. A bit out of the way, though.

I’m all for the Fitzroy, if no one has any objections. I don’t know the Porterhouse at all.

One small thing.

I know nought about London. I think I can manage to get from Heathrow to Paddington ok, but after that I’m lost. Any volunteers to being my guide?

I’ll meet you at Paddington if it helps, Twisty.

If he’s going back out of town at the end of the evening via Paddington (are you, John ?) then somewhere relatively close to there might be (to) sensible ?

Just a suggestion but how about meeting at Shepherds Market – Green Park tube (not far from the West End, not too manic, reasonable boozers) then proceed accordingly down the Dilly to tourist hell ? – from there, it’s also easy enough to throw him over the park railings if he gets too lippy.

Are we now talking about Monday ?

Is that gonna be warm beer?

I’d like to come to london but they keep changing the air fare rate from SFO…

Is there any other kind, handy ?

And just as a gratuitous aside…something I haven’t shouted for about 20 years…

Oi, Parky !!

Oh yes, I’ll be there for this one.

Are we set on the Saturday night then? Twisty, I was under the impression that we were gonna meet up on one of the Monday to Wednesday?

Anyhoo - all I’ll insist on is that we avoid Leicester Square. But y’all were going to do that anyway.

Personally, I’m quite fond of Camden. And being a corporate type, I know a few of the pubs along Chancery Lane but I don’t know if I’d recommend them.

I’m going to let others decide the venue on this one I think.


kabbes – I used to live in Temple so I know the pubs around Chancery Lane. Too many old faces to bump into for me, unfortunately, and the pubs (apart from one or nearly two) ‘weren’t all that’.

Brick Lane has certainly moved up since my day. Used to be easy enough to get a late drink and the curry’s were outstanding. Not sure how it now is with all those trendy types moving in ;). Just a long troop back to Paddington for the guest ?

Monday’s around Soho (if we go into the madness) isn’t too bad.

Damn, this is shaping up to be the best Eurodope since Amsterdam. Which I couldn’t go to since I was in Spain. And now I can’t go to this one 'cause on Wednesday I’m going to … Amsterdam. Life’s funny that way sometimes huh. Well enjoy yourselves :frowning:

[sub](Twisty, is your hangover gone yet?)[/sub]

I note for the record that ruadh waited until I said I was coming before declaring it potentially the best of the Eurodopes.

This needs no further comment :wink:


Stop pouting ruadh! You get to drink beer with ME!

Oh, alright. It’s a poor excuse for a full-blown LondonDope, but it’ll have to do. :smiley:

These are the final details, as far as I can tell :wink:

I am in London from Saturday the 11th until Tuesday the 14th

I am free Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. As I will be staying in Datchet ( WTF? ) Sunday night and Monday night, I don’t know if I will be able to get out and back. I haven’t gotten accomodation for Saturday night, but it shouldn’t be too hard to organise, really.
Is there a train from Datchet to London City? a bus? Anything?

Nothing to say other than LONDON and A’DAM!!! Bastards, all of you :slight_smile:


Hi tater.

Oh God, no, they’ll be full of obnoxious legal types. I used to live near there, and recommend avoiding City/lawyer pubs as much as possible.

Are we doing Saturday 11th or Monday 13th? If Monday, I’d ask for no earlier than 6pm (hey, I gotta work).

We’re looking for cheap and not too crowded, L_C. The Old Monk Exchange on Victoria Street isn’t too bad. I don’t know any pubs in Soho; I usually hang out at Patisserie Valerie when in the area.

Or we could meet on Oxford Street. I’ll be the one holding the “GOLF SALE” sign. :smiley:

Musta been a Freudian slip on my part kabbes :smiley:

You know, there’s something rather disconcerting about the fact that the best Eurodopes seem to be the ones I can’t make it to, but let’s not go there …

Coldie, you know I’m looking forward to it. And hey, jr8, I drink in lawyer pubs. Not in London, admittedly :slight_smile:

All my best friends are lawyers*. And I’m not even a lawyer.

Sometimes life just deals you a deuce…


ps I did say that I wouldn’t recommend the pubs on Chancery Lane. I did.

*and actuaries.

Ah – you’re out by Windsor.

There are trains from Datchet every half-hour (at roughly 30 and 58 minutes past the hour) into London Waterloo, taking about 50 minutes.

The last train back leaves at 23:12 (Waterloo–>Windsor and Eton Riverside), and gets to Datchet station around midnight. The schedule is the same for both Saturday and Monday.

I have nothing against lawyers, per se; it’s drunken lawyers I try to avoid.

What ruadh meant to say is that the majority of the clientele in the pubs sher drinks in have regular use of lawyers :wink: (Thats fraiser’s I’m talking about, Ruadh. And yes, my head is still in a pickle after Saturday)

We’re talking about Saturday at the moment. If I can find an adequate transport system from Datchet to London I’ll make Saturday aswell.