Flannel sheet recommendations?

The nights have (finally) started to get cooler, and I pitched away my last flannel sheet set in the spring. It was an Eddie Bauer set that was okay but not great. I guess I got four years out of them, but they kind of sucked after the first year or so.

Amazon has very little that interests me and, holy shit! Where do I buy stuff if not on Amazon? I do order from LL Bean, and mostly like their products. I currently have a set of “Ultrasoft” flannel sheets in my cart, plus two extra pillowcases, but the price tag and more than a few negative reviews are making me wary of purchase.

I need a flat queen, fitted queen and four pillowcases. Prefer navy, maroon or dark green. Dark colors, but no browns or blacks. I’m open-minded on price, to a degree. The Eddie Bauer set is $109 with only two pillowcases (online now, previous set was a gift) and the LL Bean set is $104. Both of those seem very high for flannel, but maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anybody have recommendations for outstanding flannel sheet sets?

Casa.com or look for Groupon deals.

Well, we bought the medium-weight LL Bean flannel sheets for two different beds and we love them, so there’s my review. And I think LL Bean is most generous with you returning items if you’re unhappy with the quality.

Off topic: We tend to use flannel sheets as lightweight summer blankets - they’re perfect for that.

Lands End

Great quality, decent prices, last forever.

Isn’t a flannel sheet more like a blanket? The very idea gives me the willies, as I invariably end up feeling uncomfortably warm under a blanket without the top-sheet being between me and the blanket. But then, I live in a warm climate.